Tucker Carlson claims Obama used to smoke CRACK and enjoy gay S*EX

 Tucker Carlson claims Obama used to smoke CRACK and enjoy gay S*EX


Former Fox News anchor, Tucker Carlson, has rekindled controversial allegations regarding ex-president Barack Obama. He recently stated that Obama had engaged in illicit drug use and had relations with men, according to RadarOnline.com.

Carlson referred to Larry Sinclair, who had made these allegations prior to Obama’s 2008 presidential run, stating that Sinclair had offered to verify his claims with an affidavit and lie detector test. Sinclair had previously claimed that he and Obama had shared an intimate encounter in 1999 after using drugs together.

Discussing these claims on The Adam Carolla Show, Carlson suggested that the media refrained from reporting on these allegations due to a fear of losing access to Obama’s campaign. However, at the time, many media pundits had widely discredited Sinclair’s accusations, viewing them as attempts to tarnish Obama’s reputation.

Carlson’s comments come after Fox News’ recent settlement with Dominion Voting Systems for $787.5 million concerning conspiracy theories promoted by the network, including on Carlson’s own show. Yet, Carlson maintains that there was significant misinformation circulated about the Obama allegations.

Despite recognizing Sinclair’s dubious history, which includes multiple convictions, Carlson asserts he believes Sinclair’s account. He mentioned Sinclair’s 2009 self-published book where he reiterated these claims about Obama.

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