Trump’s VP Shortlist Filled with Former Critics “Element of Donald Trump’s Support Has Its Basis in Racism”

 Trump’s VP Shortlist Filled with Former Critics “Element of Donald Trump’s Support Has Its Basis in Racism”

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Former President Donald Trump is narrowing down his list of potential vice presidential running mates for 2024. However, many of these contenders were once outspoken critics of Trump, expressing strong opposition before he took office.

The Washington Post recently highlighted some of the remarks made by these finalists. For instance, Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) once said during the 2016 campaign, “There is definitely an element of Donald Trump’s support that has its basis in racism or xenophobia.” Vance even went as far as to express fear that Trump could become “America’s Hitler.”

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), who unsuccessfully ran against Trump in the 2016 presidential primary, labeled him a “con artist” and remarked, “He would be the oldest president ever elected. And it’s like an eight-year term, so you start to worry.” This comment is particularly notable now as Trump is eight years older.

Gov. Doug Burgum (R-ND), who briefly challenged Trump in this year’s primary, doubted Trump’s suitability as a business partner, stating, “It’s important that you’re judged by the company you keep.”

Trump’s ideological and at times even spiritual dominance over the Republican Party has been the subject of extensive analysis. For example, evangelical voters, who once emphasized the importance of a president’s morality, reversed their stance when Trump took over the GOP, with some practically worshiping him.

The Trump campaign has acknowledged the about-face of these candidates. Trump spokesperson Jason Miller compared these past criticisms to a heated moment between President Biden and Vice President Harris during the 2020 Democratic nomination race. Miller noted that during the second debate, Harris pointed out Biden’s relationships with segregationist senators and his opposition to aspects of mandatory busing to end school desegregation, although she prefaced her criticism by stating she did not believe Biden was racist. As Trump continues to finalize his VP pick, the journey of these candidates from critics to potential running mates underscores the complex and often contradictory nature of political alliances.

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