Trump’s TV Slip-Up: Undermines His January 6 Legal Strategy Live On-Air

 Trump’s TV Slip-Up: Undermines His January 6 Legal Strategy Live On-Air

AP Photo/Nathan Howard

In a jaw-dropping turn of events, Donald Trump’s Sunday morning appearance on Meet the Press saw him not only spin tall tales but also seemingly incriminate himself, handing the Justice Department a potential legal victory on a silver platter.

NBC’s Kristen Welker probed Trump about his role in the controversial events surrounding the 2020 election, questioning if he was the one “calling the shots” in trying to overturn the election results. Shockingly, Trump’s response was a direct admission: “It was my decision.”

Legal pundits were quick to highlight the gravity of this confession. Former acting solicitor general Neal Katyal remarked on MSNBC how Trump’s primary defense concerning January 6 has been leaning on the advice of his attorneys. Katyal noted, “And she got him, through masterful interviewing and playing to his ego, to be like, ‘Oh, no, I did it all myself.’”

Additionally, former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann emphasized another critical revelation from the interview. Trump reiterated his call to “Stop counting” the votes on election night. Weissmann pointed out, “That’s not allowed. That is part of the scheme here.”

This latest TV appearance could prove to be a significant stumbling block for Trump, adding more weight to the Justice Department’s case against him. Only time will tell how these revelations will play out in court.

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