Bombshell Testimony Unveils Jan. 6 Committee’s Oversight of Trump’s Troop Offer

 Bombshell Testimony Unveils Jan. 6 Committee’s Oversight of Trump’s Troop Offer

Image Source: The Times

A recent revelation from a transcript linked to a former White House official casts new light on former President Donald Trump’s actions concerning the events of January 6, 2021. The transcript, unveiled by ABC contains testimony from Anthony Ornato, who served as Trump’s deputy chief of staff for operations.

According to Ornato’s account, Trump was prepared to deploy 10,000 National Guard troops to secure the nation’s capital during the turbulent period, a narrative that starkly contrasts the assertions made by the January 6 select committee.

The transcript, made public by Rep. Barry Loudermilk, chair of the Committee on House Administration’s Subcommittee on Oversight, details Ornato’s interactions with Mark Meadows, the then White House Chief of Staff. Ornato recounted a conversation where Meadows communicated with Washington D.C.’s Mayor Muriel Bowser over the phone, relaying Trump’s readiness to provide substantial National Guard support if deemed necessary.

Ornato’s testimony highlighted the administration’s concern over potential clashes between opposing groups, not specifically near the Capitol but in the broader vicinity of the National Mall during the events. Despite Bowser’s assurance that the city’s needs were met with approximately 350 personnel allocated for traffic and other control measures, the mention of 10,000 National Guard troops underscored the administration’s willingness to bolster security significantly.

This testimony challenges the narrative presented by the January 6 select committee in its February 15, 2022, report, which outright denied Trump’s offer to deploy 10,000 troops and criticized him for his alleged inaction during the Capitol riot and for inciting his supporters.

Loudermilk has criticized the select committee for omitting Ornato’s testimony from the public discourse, accusing it of shaping a biased narrative against Trump. He asserts that Ornato’s account confirms Meadows’ claims regarding Trump’s proposal to deploy National Guard troops, a proposal that was reportedly declined.

Further testimony from Ornato revealed that despite Bowser’s rejection of additional National Guard support, there was a push to have a quick reaction force (QRF) ready at Joint Base Andrews. As the situation at the Capitol escalated, Meadows was said to have reached out to Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller, urging the immediate deployment of the QRF to stabilize the Capitol.

These revelations come amid critiques of the January 6 committee’s handling of evidence, with accusations that it suppressed information that could potentially exonerate Trump. The committee’s dissolution followed a vote to censure former committee member Rep. Liz Cheney and remove her from her committee assignments, marking a significant turn in the investigation into the events surrounding January 6.

This latest transcript release adds complexity to the ongoing debate over the events of January 6, suggesting that there may be more to the story than previously understood, and underscoring the need for a thorough and unbiased examination of the facts.

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