Legal Expert Weighs in on Trump’s Trial Delays and Jack Smith Case Amid Speculations of Fear Over Facing Facts

 Legal Expert Weighs in on Trump’s Trial Delays and Jack Smith Case Amid Speculations of Fear Over Facing Facts

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Over the past year, there has been increasing speculation among analysts regarding former President Donald Trump’s attempts to delay his criminal court trials. A common theory suggests that Trump’s motive is to regain the presidency, thereby enabling him to halt the legal proceedings against him. However, Andrew Weissmann, a former senior prosecutor to Robert Mueller, presented a different perspective during a conversation with MSNBC’s Michael Steele.

Weissmann expressed his belief that Trump’s efforts to postpone his trials stem from a fear of facing the trial process itself. He highlighted Trump’s uncertain position, pointing out that despite having the support of 66 percent of Republicans regarding the 2020 election, Trump appears reluctant to confront the realities of a courtroom setting. Weissmann theorized that Trump is avoiding a situation where he would have to deal with factual evidence in a legal environment governed by strict procedures and rules, According to a report by Raw Story on Monday, January 22, 2024.

Instead, Trump has been actively crafting his narrative, often targeting judges and lawyers involved in the court cases. This approach allows him to avoid the direct scrutiny and structure of a courtroom. Weissmann noted Trump’s tendency to label the legal actions against him as baseless or as part of a witch hunt, emphasizing Trump’s preference for managing public perception through spin rather than engaging with the legal process.

Weissmann also agreed with the viewpoint of former Representative David Jolly (R-FL), who suggested that Trump is apprehensive about being confronted with factual evidence that contradicts his preferred version of reality. Weissmann specifically mentioned the Jack Smith January 6th case, where many witnesses are likely to be former members of Trump’s administration. These testimonies could significantly influence public opinion, potentially even swaying some of Trump’s supporters.

Despite the steadfast denial of election fraud by many of Trump’s supporters, Weissmann believes that a public trial, particularly one receiving extensive media coverage close to the 2024 election, could have a significant impact. He expressed frustration that the usual norms and consequences seem not to apply to Trump, but he remained hopeful that the facts presented in a criminal case might shift the political landscape.

Weissmann also commented on the broader implications of Trump’s actions, suggesting that journalists should question both Democrats and Republicans about their stance on Trump’s views. Specifically, he referred to the controversial idea that a president could command S.E.A.L Team 6 to carry out killings without facing consequences.

As for Trump’s ongoing legal battles, the trial concerning his actions during the 2020 election and the events of January 6th is currently on hold. This pause is due to an appeal at the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals regarding presidential immunity. Weissmann showed interest in when the court might resume the case, indicating the potential for significant developments shortly.

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