Trump’s Team Spends Nearly $700 at McDonald’s During Trial

 Trump’s Team Spends Nearly $700 at McDonald’s During Trial


Reports of Donald Trump’s legal team dropping nearly $700 on McDonald’s during jury selection for his hush money trial have sparked a frenzy on the internet, with reactions ranging from disbelief to commentary on the former president’s reputation.

The incident, which took place near the Manhattan courthouse, prompted a wave of responses on Twitter, with many users expressing astonishment and some criticizing Trump for allegedly failing to tip the McDonald’s workers. According to McDonald’s employees, three male staffers from Trump’s team placed a massive order at the fast-food chain, consisting of 27 Quarter Pounders, 27 orders of fries, Filet-O-Fish sandwiches, and chicken nuggets.

The order, which amounted to nearly $700, took 45 minutes to prepare. Despite the substantial sum spent, the employees claimed that the legal aides did not leave a tip, leading to further scrutiny and debate online. The incident drew attention not only for its extravagant nature but also for the perceived lack of consideration for service workers.

While tipping is not customary at counter-service fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s, many found it surprising that Trump’s team did not acknowledge the workers’ efforts. Some critics highlighted Trump’s history of reportedly stiffing contractors, suggesting a pattern of disregard for those in service industries.

However, there were also voices of support for Trump’s team, with some questioning the expectation of tipping at McDonald’s. One Twitter user argued that tipping is not customary in such establishments, even within the context of a flawed tipping culture. The debate surrounding tipping practices at fast-food restaurants added another layer of complexity to the discussion, an employee told Daily Mail

Trump’s affinity for McDonald’s has been widely reported over the years, with former aides claiming knowledge of his go-to order, which includes two Big Macs, two Filet-O-Fish sandwiches, and a chocolate milkshake. His fondness for the fast-food chain has become a notable aspect of his public persona, from bringing McDonald’s feasts to the White House to his reported concerns about food safety and the risk of poisoning.

The incident at McDonald’s during Trump’s hush money trial adds another chapter to the narrative surrounding his relationship with the fast-food giant. Whether viewed as a quirky preference or a symbol of larger issues, Trump’s connection to McDonald’s continues to capture public interest and debate. As reactions unfold on social media and beyond, the incident serves as a reminder of the intersection between politics, culture, and everyday life.

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