EXPLOSIVE: Trump’s Team Goes Ballistic as Mitt Romney Drops Bombshell About Melania!

 EXPLOSIVE: Trump’s Team Goes Ballistic as Mitt Romney Drops Bombshell About Melania!

(Credit: Reuters)

Former President Donald Trump’s team has launched a scathing attack on Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) in response to revelations from an upcoming biography. As detailed in excerpts published by Rolling Stone, Romney discloses a surprising encounter with Trump, claiming they attended a New England Patriots game together before Trump’s marriage to Melania.

During this event, Trump reportedly publicly singled out Melania, proudly proclaiming her as the “most desirable girlfriend in New York.”

The story comes from the forthcoming book titled “Romney: A Reckoning,” authored by McCay Coppins. The book delves into a series of encounters between Romney and Trump, tracing back to their initial meeting at Mar-a-Lago in the mid-1990s.

The biography paints a vivid picture of a self-assured and eccentric Trump, offering readers a fascinating glimpse into the early interactions between these two prominent figures.

Trump’s spokesperson retaliated vehemently, deriding Romney as a “loser” who is retiring due to a lack of viable prospects for future political campaigns. The spokesperson accused Romney of fabricating stories to maintain his relevance and even pointed to Romney’s unsuccessful presidential campaign against Barack Obama as a contributing factor to the nation’s issues.

In January 1995, when the two first crossed paths, Romney apparently viewed Trump more as a celebrity than a businessman. However, he accepted Trump’s invitation, anticipating a “memorable, low-stakes, and profoundly strange” encounter. The book characterizes Romney as someone susceptible to the allure of famous personalities.

Romney’s visit to Mar-a-Lago, as recounted by Coppins, was nothing short of surreal. The estate’s staff greeted him in uniform, while Trump’s behavior was described as over-the-top and caricature-like.

Trump confidently paraded around the property with the airs of an English lord, regaling stories about the opulent gold-colored silverware left behind by the previous owners, which he claimed exceeded the property’s purchase price.

Amidst these startling revelations, the book casts light on the early interactions between these political heavyweights, shedding insight into the eccentricity of the former president and underlining the ongoing tensions between Mitt Romney and Donald Trump.

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