Explosive Revelation! Trump’s Secret Notes on Classified Docs Exposed by Insider – Is This the End for the Former President

 Explosive Revelation! Trump’s Secret Notes on Classified Docs Exposed by Insider – Is This the End for the Former President

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In a shocking twist, Molly Michael, once a trusted aide to Donald Trump, has spilled the beans about Trump’s eyebrow-raising practice of using classified documents for personal notes. The bombshell report by The Rawstory, dated September 19, 2023, suggests that this could be the tipping point in the ongoing investigations against the former president.

The heart of this revelation? Donald Trump’s alleged habit of scribbling his “to-dos” on the back of highly classified papers, often pertaining to world leaders and major global events. Michael reportedly stumbled upon these notes numerous times, only to realize they were written on the reverse of “sensitive” documents.

Former federal prosecutor, Harry Litman, appearing on MSNBC, highlighted the weight of Michael’s revelations. He pointed to a curious incident where, ahead of an FBI interview with Michael, Trump supposedly hinted to her that she was oblivious about certain “boxes.” Contradicting this, evidence shows Michael had photographed these classified papers, a shot which eventually became a centerpiece in the indictment.

Labeled as “Trump Employee 2” in the official paperwork, Michael’s testimony has been meticulously dissected by Litman, leading him to proclaim her a “game-changing witness.” Notably, Michael, once a Trump loyalist, might have pivoted due to the alarming instances of Trump seemingly bending the law.

Furthermore, Litman drew attention to a significant challenge Trump now faces. Several of his former allies, strapped for cash, are reconsidering their stances. Jenna Ellis, a core member of Trump’s circle, voiced concerns about the former president not bearing their legal expenses. This fiscal strain could tip the scales, making these individuals more open to aiding the prosecution.

Highlighting Michael’s potential influence on the case, Litman referenced a telling conversation where Trump pondered out loud about withholding information from the FBI. Michael’s eyewitness account of this discussion may turn the tide in what’s shaping up to be a fierce legal showdown.

As the drama around Trump’s actions escalates, Molly Michael’s emergence as a central figure is set to redefine the legal narrative. With her direct insights into Trump’s dealings with classified material and crucial events, Michael could be the key witness determining the fate of this epic legal battle.

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