Trump’s Potential Second Term Could See Massive Military Deployment at Southern Border

 Trump’s Potential Second Term Could See Massive Military Deployment at Southern Border

(Sue Ogrocki/The Associated Press)

A report by Rolling Stone suggests that if Donald Trump secures a second term as president, he might initiate a massive military operation at the Southern U.S. border. According to sources who spoke with the outlet, Trump has hinted at deploying potentially hundreds of thousands of troops near the border with Mexico and establishing temporary detention camps for immigrants.

The report details that Trump and his close allies, including top immigration aide Stephen Miller, have been strategizing ways to create a massive “surge” of federal troops to reinforce the U.S.-Mexico border. This plan reportedly includes discussions about deploying a substantial number of soldiers, ranging from several thousand to as many as 300,000, with some possibly being relocated from bases in Germany.

One source familiar with the discussions mentioned, “I have heard anywhere between 100,000 to 300,000 from President Trump, Stephen Miller, and others on what may be required to get the job done right. There are differences of opinion on how many you would need, and everyone has their ideas.… Nothing is set in stone.”

The concept of a military deployment at the Southern Border isn’t exclusive to Trump. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has expressed similar intentions, as he confirmed to CBS News‘ Norah O’Donnell, “I’m going to have the military at the border, 100%.” Additionally, Republican candidate Vivek Ramaswamy stated in a GOP debate that he plans to confront terrorists at the Southern Border.

During Trump’s first term, efforts to use significant military force at the country’s border were blocked by top officials like then-Secretary of Defense Mark Esper. However, Trump succeeded in deploying 5,200 active-duty National Guard troops to the border for barrier construction.

In a potential second term, Trump reportedly plans to appoint “MAGA-friendly” attorneys to ensure that such policies are legally sound. However, he might face legal challenges, particularly from the Posse Comitatus Act, which restricts the use of the military as a domestic police force in the United States.

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