Former White House Official Warn Americans of Trump’s Plan Once he Takes Over Power

 Former White House Official Warn Americans of Trump’s Plan Once he Takes Over Power

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Alyssa Farah Griffin, former White House communications director, recently expressed concerns about former President Trump’s plans to expand his control over federal agencies.

In an interview on CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper,”  Griffin discussed a New York Times report that outlined Trump’s intentions to consolidate executive power, including making it easier to replace government employees who were perceived as opposing his agenda.

Griffin confirmed the details in the New York Times piece, on Monday, July 17, revealing that many of these plans were initially proposed during Trump’s first term but were discouraged by aides who believed they would be unpopular with the public.

One specific plan that troubled Griffin was the effort to diminish the role of the civil service, making it easier to dismiss career experts. She argued that this move would result in a government staffed solely by partisan loyalists dedicated to fulfilling Trump’s agenda.

Drawing on an analogy from New Yorker staff writer Susan Glasser, Griffin compared Trump to a dinosaur in the “Jurassic Park” franchise, suggesting that his understanding of the inner workings of government could make him even more dangerous in a potential second term.

According to the Times report, Trump intends to bring independent agencies like the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission further under the White House’s jurisdiction.

Additionally, he aims to revive the practice of “impounding” funds, allowing him to withhold money allocated by Congress for programs he disapproves of. The report also mentioned Trump’s desire to overhaul intelligence agencies, the State Department, and defense agencies.

Former Trump chief of Staff John Kelly expressed his apprehension in the Times piece, warning that a second term for the former president would result in continuous clashes with Congress.

Kelly predicted chaos and a constant power struggle, as Trump would attempt to exceed his authority, supported by his loyalists. Such a scenario would undoubtedly strain relationships between the executive branch, Congress, and the courts.

Griffin’s remarks shed light on Trump’s ambitions to expand presidential power and reshape federal agencies.

Concerns about the potential consequences of these actions were echoed by other insiders, who warned of a more partisan government and ongoing conflicts with Congress.

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