“Like more than $100k in “strategy consulting” Trump’s PAC Spends Millions on Legal Fees and Melania’s Stylist Amid Fundraising Challenges

 “Like more than $100k in “strategy consulting” Trump’s PAC Spends Millions on Legal Fees and Melania’s Stylist Amid Fundraising Challenges


The financial activities of Donald Trump’s Save America PAC have come under scrutiny following the latest FEC filings, revealing substantial expenditures on legal fees for the former president and payments exceeding $100,000 to Melania Trump’s stylist, Herve Pierre Braillard, since last July.

The PAC, known for its role in supporting Trump’s post-presidency endeavors, has disbursed $27 million to manage legal costs, significantly impacting its financial reserves. Reports from August have brought to light the specifics of the payments to Braillard, a long-time stylist for Melania Trump, totaling $108,000 in fees.

This revelation comes amid concerns over the PAC’s financial sustainability, as it appears to be expending funds at a rate faster than its fundraising efforts can replenish. CNBC’s coverage suggested a potential decline in the small-dollar donor base that previously propelled the financial machinery of Trump and his allied PACs, noting a dwindling balance of just $3.6 million in the PAC’s accounts.

MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Rubin provided further insights into the PAC’s financial dealings through a late-night post on X, showcasing a recent FEC filing screenshot. The document detailed monthly payouts of $18,000 to Braillard for “strategy consulting,” with an additional $2,500 added in December. Rubin’s commentary underscored the ongoing financial commitments to Braillard, framing them as part of the “intriguing minor details” amidst the broader narrative of the PAC’s legal expense allocations.

Politico’s analysis sheds light on the broader implications of the PAC’s financial strategy, noting Trump’s still substantial monetary reserves and fundraising capabilities. However, the significant diversion of funds towards legal defenses poses a critical challenge for Trump as he approaches an election year. The increasing allocation of resources to address legal challenges may limit the former president’s ability to finance campaign-related activities, underscoring a strategic dilemma that could have lasting impacts on his political aspirations and the operational effectiveness of his supporting PACs.

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