Trump’s Legal Team Accuses Prosecutors of ‘Projection’ Over Appeal Dismissal

 Trump’s Legal Team Accuses Prosecutors of ‘Projection’ Over Appeal Dismissal

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Former President Donald Trump faced accusations of “projection” after his legal team argued that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ move to dismiss an appeal had “no basis in law or fact.”

Earlier this month, Willis’ office sought to dismiss Trump’s appeal in the election interference case against him. Prosecutor Donald Wakeford stated that Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee had made “explicit factual findings” in his decision to keep Willis on the case. These findings, according to Wakeford, could not be challenged by an appellate court unless proven wrong. Earlier this year, McAfee declined to disqualify Willis over an affair she had with a fellow prosecutor.

On Thursday, Trump’s legal team accused prosecutors of filing a “Hail Mary” legal motion to dismiss the appeal. “According to the State, then, this Court is powerless to overturn the trial court’s order denying the dismissal of the case and the disqualification of District Attorney Willis and her office,” the motion from Trump’s attorney stated.

“The trial court’s error in declining to disqualify the District Attorney and her office, under these circumstances, is a structural error that would, if left uncorrected by this Court, fatally infect all subsequent proceedings and require later reversal of any obtained convictionโ€”all at great wasted time and expense to the courts, the parties, and the taxpayers.”

The filing concluded by asserting that state prosecutors “moved this Court to act contrary to statute and its own Rules.” Trump’s team argued, “In short, the State’s motion is unsupported by any relevant authority and has no basis in law or fact.”

Online commenters quickly pointed out that the motion appeared to be a case of “projection” from Trump. “Sounds like his legal team is talking about themselves and their efforts,” one commenter wrote. Another noted, “Even their filing is a projection. Delay delay delay.”

An X user remarked, “They sure know all about ‘Hail Mary motions.'” In response to the filing, another person commented, “Now that’s funny right there coming from the felon’s legal team. Pot, meet Kettle!”

The ongoing legal battle between Trump and Willis has highlighted the complexities and high stakes involved in the election interference case. As both sides prepare for the next phase, the accusations of projection and the strategies employed by Trump’s legal team continue to draw significant public attention and scrutiny.

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