Trump’s Indictments Are Damaging His Standing. Even In The Far Right Media. Here’s Why

 Trump’s Indictments Are Damaging His Standing. Even In The Far Right Media. Here’s Why


Despite numerous state and federal indictments against him, mainstream media outlets remain surprised by his consistent top polling for the GOP nomination. Many attribute this to right-leaning news platforms downplaying the indictments and framing him as a victim of a perceived biased Biden Department of Justice (DOJ).

He often capitalizes on this narrative during his campaign events, suggesting that additional indictments only strengthen his support within the GOP. However, this viewpoint is challenged by recent polls that indicate a decline in his support among moderate Republicans and independents, especially if he faces criminal convictions.

A common tactic among far-right politicians facing unfavorable news is to turn to supportive media outlets, framing themselves as victims of alleged political bias. However, such claims inevitably raise questions about the nature of the accusations they’re facing.

Prominent right-leaning news platforms, like the one mockingly referred to as “FUX News” along with others like News Max and OAN, find themselves in a dilemma. To give context to his claims of political persecution, they must provide details about the indictments, thus inadvertently informing their audience about the charges against him.

As these networks shed light on the accusations, even if it’s to discredit them, their audience becomes aware of the specifics. The unavoidable exposure to this information means that even loyal supporters become acquainted with the charges.

Furthermore, in today’s interconnected world, people encounter a variety of news sources in their daily lives – from headlines in public spaces to casual conversations. Hence, it’s challenging for any individual to remain completely uninformed.

The challenge for right-leaning media is that the more he emphasizes his perceived victimhood, the more they need to address the underlying reasons, thereby informing their viewers about the ongoing legal proceedings.

In essence, while he relies on certain media channels to shape a protective narrative, the very nature of the narrative requires some grounding in reality. Once these facts are introduced, they become hard to erase from public consciousness.

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