“FORE”: Trump’s Humorous Golf Video Targeting Biden Sparks Mixed Reactions

 “FORE”: Trump’s Humorous Golf Video Targeting Biden Sparks Mixed Reactions

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Donald Trump targeted President Joe Biden in a humorous new video, igniting a range of reactions on social media. The former President posted an edited clip on his social media platform, showing him hitting a golf ball that strikes Biden in the head, causing him to stumble up a set of stairs and grab the railing for support.

The video also includes two real-life clips of Biden falling, one of which shows him falling off a bicycle. Captioned “FORE,” the video has generated both criticism and amusement. One user criticized the video, saying, “Such a third-grade mentality. You couldn’t make that shot if your hush-money pornstar case depended on it.

Everyone knows you cheat at golf just like you cheat at everything else.” according to Yahoo! News. Another user echoed this sentiment, commenting, “Grow up. You have a mentality of a third grader and that’s being generous.” However, others found the clip entertaining. One user wrote, “Politicians will come and go in our lifetime but there will never be another President Trump.” Another quipped, “A golf tournament against Biden would be better than a debate… You can’t change people’s minds, but you can show who is a better golfer.”

Interestingly, a similar video went viral in October last year. One user took to his X account to opine, “…That meme of Biden tripping over stairs while Trump hitting him with the golf balls in the head… Regardless of political aspirations, you gotta admit that was hilarious.” Another user recently shared, “Yeah that video was the funniest thing I’d seen since that meme of Trump causing Biden to fall up the stairs by hitting him with golf balls (look it up if you can, it’s HILARIOUS).”

However, some users likened Trump’s antics to those of an immature teenager. OK! Magazine reported that a user criticized, “While Biden is handling two wars and leading the nation, TFG is posting about hitting Joe with a golf ball.” They added, “MAGA Republicans and their front runner are the same: unfit, immature, and too vile to hold power.”

This isn’t the first time Trump has shared such a video. Back in 2022, he posted an identical clip involving Hillary Clinton. In the video, a golf ball struck by Trump sends Clinton abruptly lunging forward while boarding an aircraft, which garnered severe backlash against the Republican tycoon. One user wrote, “Trump regularly calls for Hillary Clinton to be locked up, has mocked her for being sick, and retweets memes of him hitting her in the head with a golf ball. And people are criticizing her for not smiling at him?!!!”

Another user chimed in, “Yeah, he won, disappointing that he acts this way. Disgusting that people cheer and enable his negative behavior.” Reflecting similar sentiments, another comment read, “It is so embarrassing as a US citizen to have a president behave as a middle schooler,” while another user added, “Is he 5 or what? I can’t believe his lack of professionalism and disrespect for his position. He needs to go high, not low. Classless!”

As reactions continue to pour in, Trump’s video remains a focal point of debate, illustrating the polarizing nature of his actions and their impact on public discourse.

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