Huge Twist! Trump’s Former Accountant Spills Secrets in Court – What the Ex-President DIDN’T Want You to Know!

 Huge Twist! Trump’s Former Accountant Spills Secrets in Court – What the Ex-President DIDN’T Want You to Know!

Photo Credit: AP/Seth Wenig/Dave Sanders/NY Times Pool Photo via AP

In an electrifying twist to the ongoing civil fraud trial, Donald Bender, who once counted beans for Trump, dropped bombshells about financial cover-ups and hidden documents, as unveiled on October 3 by the Washington Examiner.

Bender, taking the stand, painted a concerning picture. He insinuated that compiling Trump’s financial data turned into a nightmare, thanks to missing records and uncooperative moves from the Trump Organization. NBC News captured his revelation, where Bender candidly spoke about Trump and his inner circle playing hide and seek with “paper documents over several years.”

But here’s where things get juicier – Bender also highlighted letters from Allen Weisselberg, the Trump Organization’s CFO, and the man himself, Trump, assuring him that no financial records were intentionally hidden. But Bender’s testimony hints otherwise.

He shared how he had to lean on the Trump Organization more than Trump personally for the financial statements he crafted, shedding light on the many hurdles he encountered. Bender’s testimony, serving as the trial’s opening act, was cut short by lunchtime, giving the courtroom some much-needed breathing space.

But Trump, never one to pass an opportunity, quickly took center stage outside the court. Armed with fiery statements, he labeled the trial as “rigged” and lambasted it as nothing short of “fraudulent”. He didn’t spare New York Attorney General Letitia James either, the driving force behind the lawsuit accusing the Trump Organization of fraud.

James is gunning for a whopping $250 million in damages and wants to bar Trump from New York’s business playground. However, things turned sour for Trump when Justice Arthur Engoron held him accountable for the fraud allegations voiced by James. As the trial pushes forward, six more claims are on deck for scrutiny.

Adding another layer of suspense, Trump teased the media with a hint of him taking the stand in the future, making the trial even more tantalizing for onlookers. As Bender’s revelations send shockwaves and Trump keeps fueling the drama, all eyes are glued to this high-stakes trial. The outcome? It could reshape Trump’s empire in the Big Apple and perhaps even further afield.

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