Donald Trump’s Fast Food Habits Resurface During Hush Money Trial

 Donald Trump’s Fast Food Habits Resurface During Hush Money Trial

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Former President Donald Trump’s penchant for fast food, particularly from McDonald’s, has been a recurring theme throughout his public life, illustrating an unusual aspect of his personal preferences that stands in stark contrast to the usual presidential image. Well-known for his unusual diet, Trump’s favorite meal reportedly includes two Big Macs, two Filet-O-Fish sandwiches, and a chocolate malted milkshake.

This detail recently came to light again as The Daily Mail reported that during the ongoing hush money trial, Trump’s staffers have made multiple trips to a McDonald’s near the New York City courtroom to fetch large orders of food.

Photographs captured staffers walking to and from the fast food outlet, arms laden with brown paper bags stuffed with food. On one occasion, they reportedly spent around $500 in a single visit. By Tuesday, sightings of them with substantial quantities of food had become a common spectacle.

McDonald’s employees, under instructions to maintain confidentiality about the orders, revealed the scale of these purchases. One employee disclosed that the order included 27 quarter-pounders, 27 servings of fries, Filet-O-Fish burgers, and chicken nuggets, amounting to nearly $700.

As per The Guardian, Another worker highlighted the repeated visits by Trump’s team, noting their preference for not leaving any tips and their request for discretion about their orders. The frequent and hefty orders underscore Trump’s well-documented preference for fast food, a habit that has persisted despite the varying contexts, from campaign trails to legal battles.

Trump’s fondness for fast food became particularly notable during an event in 2019 when he served McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, and pizza to Clemson University’s football team at the White House. The team was being honored for their victory in the College Football Playoff National Championship.

Trump humorously remarked on the suitability of fast food for the event, suggesting that the substantial meals were appropriate for “very large people who like eating,” and jokingly declared that nothing could be better than American fast food.

Further insights into Trump’s preference for McDonald’s were revealed in Michael Wolff’s 2018 book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.” Wolff suggested that Trump’s choice is partly driven by a fear of being poisoned—a long-standing phobia that leads him to favor McDonald’s because its food preparation is standardized and anonymous, thus less likely to be tampered with.

This ongoing association with McDonald’s, especially highlighted during critical moments such as the current trial and past White House events, paints a picture of a former president who clings to certain personal routines and comforts, even in the face of broader responsibilities and crises. It reflects not only on Trump’s personal quirks but also on how these personal choices seep into his professional and public life, reinforcing a persona that continually attracts attention and commentary.

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