People Hate Him- Trump’s Ex-Surgeon General Admits He Couldn’t Find a Job Due to His Effect

 People Hate Him- Trump’s Ex-Surgeon General Admits He Couldn’t Find a Job Due to His Effect

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Former Surgeon General Jerome Adams, who served in the Donald Trump administration, on Tuesday, July 18, opened up in an honest interview with The Washington Post, shedding light on the challenges he faced in finding employment after his term ended.

Adams and his wife, Lacey Adams, referred to these challenges as the “Trump Effect,” recounting instances where Jerome’s applications for academic positions were met with polite rejections due to concerns from university administrators about his association with the Trump administration, which might not resonate well with left-leaning student bodies.

Adams acknowledged that Trump’s presence often dominated conversations, stating that he was “a force that really does take the air out of the room.”

Despite hoping that the passage of time would alleviate these obstacles, the Adamses’ concerns were reignited when Trump announced his intention to run for president once again.

Although neither Jerome nor Lacey supported Trump’s political ambitions, the lingering stigma associated with Jerome’s past association remained. Adams expressed his belief that the upcoming 2024 Trump campaign would only exacerbate the difficulties he faces.

While acknowledging the reluctance of individuals to be associated with Trump, Adams emphasized that he was not complaining, but rather providing context.

He explained that his decision to join the administration was driven by a desire to make a meaningful impact, particularly in combating the opioid epidemic.

However, the decision came at a cost, with Adams enduring criticism from both the right and left wings for his frequent tweets on a range of topics, from personal matters to public health issues.

Lacey expressed her frustration with Jerome’s Twitter addiction and noted how people’s opinions of him shifted, with both Trump supporters and opponents now expressing disdain.

Despite the backlash, Adams remains steadfast in his commitment to utilizing his platform as a former surgeon general without engaging in divisive political debates.

He strives to find ways to make a positive impact and utilize his expertise for the betterment of public health. While facing ongoing challenges due to the Trump Effect, Jerome Adams maintains his determination to navigate the complex landscape and contribute meaningfully to society.

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