Jack Smith Digs into Trump’s ‘Major Grift’ Surrounding Election Fraud Claims: Jan. 6 Prober Reveals

 Jack Smith Digs into Trump’s ‘Major Grift’ Surrounding Election Fraud Claims: Jan. 6 Prober Reveals

Photos by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images and Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images.

The House Select Committee’s top investigator dropped a bombshell on the potential financial gains behind the 2020 election overturn claims. Special counsel Jack Smith seems to be delving deep into the money trails surrounding these allegations.

Evidence suggests a significant number of people financially benefited from the false “election was stolen” narrative. Notably, the Save America PAC reportedly amassed a staggering $250 million post-election based on this claim. Furthermore, Sidney Powell’s establishment of a legal defense fund and nonprofit witnessed significant inflow due to the very same falsehoods.

Wallace, during a discussion, highlighted an astonishing day where over 25 email solicitations were sent out by the Trump campaign alone. The ‘America First Foundation’, which had a fundraising mission, is now notably staffed with several ex-Trump members, told the Washington Post.

Heaphy commented on the complete lack of foundation behind these fundraising solicitations, raising the alarm on potential fraudulent schemes centered around false narratives, particularly the disruption of the joint session. Wallace probed further into the potential legal repercussions of such actions, to which Heaphy equated the situation to wire fraud and a clear “scheme to defraud.”

Drawing parallels, Heaphy illustrated how making false promises to obtain money, whether for weight loss potions or refugee resettlement, clearly amounts to fraud. Wire and mail fraud, which criminalize schemes based on deception, are being seen as potential charges.

Furthermore, Heaphy emphasized that despite any indictment, investigations remain ongoing and active. Although aiming for a swift trial, further indictments or additional counts could jeopardize the current trial date. The saga hints at potential charges against more individuals connected to the false narrative, with Trump as a potential major conspirator. The search for truth continues, as Smith’s investigation deepens.

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