Donald Trump’s Diminished Chivalry Towards Melania Reveals the State of Their Marriage

 Donald Trump’s Diminished Chivalry Towards Melania Reveals the State of Their Marriage


Donald Trump’s behavior towards his wife Melania has shifted, signaling a noticeable change in their dynamic, according to Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former close associate and advisor to the ex-First Lady. Wolkoff, who penned the book ‘Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady,’ highlighted this change in a post on X, emphasizing how Trump’s apparent lack of chivalrous gestures towards Melania could be quite revealing.

Wolkoff reminisced about times when Trump would conscientiously wait for Melania, ensuring they walked together, often guiding her with a hand on her back. This behavior, she pointed out, has not been evident in recent times. She supported her observations with video evidence contrasting Trump’s past acts of chivalry with more recent footage where he seems to walk ahead, leaving Melania steps behind, reported The Mirror.

The change has not gone unnoticed, sparking discussions and interpretations among the public. Some commenters on Wolkoff’s post observed a palpable tension between the couple, with one noting how Melania appears repulsed by Trump, while another highlighted instances of Trump’s indifference, such as not sharing an umbrella with Melania during rain.

In defense of the Trumps, some argue that the scrutiny is excessive and overlooks the pressures the family has faced. They suggest Melania’s recent distance could be attributed to grieving her mother, rather than issues in her marriage.

Melania previously accused Wolkoff of opportunism following the release of her book, criticizing her for betraying trust and misrepresenting Melania’s character through the selective release of recorded conversations. This accusation was part of a broader essay Melania penned, reflecting on her experiences in the White House.

The recent observations come amid Trump’s ongoing political activities. Despite his active campaign trail, Melania has maintained a low profile, rarely appearing at public events or rallies since November 2022. Her absence was noted during Trump’s Super Tuesday victory speech at Mar-a-Lago, despite the presence of Trump’s sons, Donald Jr. and Eric. Ivanka Trump, also notably absent, had previously stated her intention to step back from political involvement.

Melania’s recent focus has been on her family, particularly in light of her mother’s illness and subsequent passing in January. The former First Lady has shared heartfelt tributes to her mother, emphasizing her strength and dignity. Despite the whirlwind of political and personal events, Melania’s preference for privacy has remained consistent, with her appearances alongside Trump becoming increasingly rare.

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