Trump’s Desperate Move to Halt Prosecutions EXPOSED: Will It Actually Work?

 Trump’s Desperate Move to Halt Prosecutions EXPOSED: Will It Actually Work?

Photo Credit: Mathew Imaging/Filmmagic

Donald Trump, the former US President, is encouraging Republican Congress members to instigate a government shutdown as a way to impede federal legal actions against him. This, as per NBC News World’s recent report, arises amidst the discord within the Republican camp in the House of Representatives over spending bills.

A potential shutdown looms if consensus isn’t achieved by October 1st. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy faces an uphill battle, thanks to the dissensions, especially from hardline Republicans, some being staunch Trump loyalists.

Late Wednesday, Trump made an urgent appeal on his Truth Social platform, urging a defunding of what he termed “Crooked Joe Biden’s weaponized government.” He underscored this as a crucial step to stymie “political prosecutions against me and other Patriots.”

However, the reality is different. Even if a government shutdown materializes, it wouldn’t stall these prosecutions. The US Justice Department maintains that operations funded by “permanent indefinite appropriations” remain unaffected by funding breaks. So, federal trials against Trump, supervised by the Special Counsel’s office, would continue regardless.

Currently, Trump is ensnared in two federal cases. One scrutinizes his alleged attempt to subvert the 2020 election results as he eyes the 2024 presidency. The other delves into his handling of confidential data. State-level prosecutions in New York and Georgia also remain unaffected by a potential shutdown.

Responses to Trump’s shutdown advocacy were polarized. While Trump’s ally, Rep. Matt Gaetz, backed him publicly, House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries censured the suggestion, labeling it an extremist ploy by untrustworthy players.

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