Trump judge tosses Trump’s defamation lawsuit against CNN

 Trump judge tosses Trump’s defamation lawsuit against CNN

Image Source: washingtonpost

US District Judge Raag Singhal dismissed Donald Trump’s defamation suit against CNN over its use of the term “Big Lie” to describe his false claim of election fraud. A Trump appointee, Singhal described CNN’s use of the term as “repugnant” but made clear in his ruling that it was a constitutionally-protected opinion, not a false statement of fact. Goebbels and Hitler used the term to describe the propaganda method they embraced while blaming the Jews and English for it.

“There is no question that the statements made by CNN meet the publication requirement for defamation under Florida law. The next question is whether the statements were false statements of fact. This is where Trump’s defamation claims fail,” wrote Mr Singhal in his verdict.

“CNN’s use of the phrase ‘the Big Lie’ in connection with Trump’s election challenges does not give rise to a plausible inference that Trump advocates the persecution and genocide of Jews or any other group of people. No reasonable viewer could (or should) plausibly make that reference.””CNN’s statements while repugnant, were not, as a matter of law, defamatory,” he added.

“Illegal in Florida” would be a great tagline.

The moral of the story: judges you appoint will kiss your ass, but they won’t always do what you put them there to do.

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