Trump’s Courtroom Drowsiness Stirs Debate Over Health and Habits

 Trump’s Courtroom Drowsiness Stirs Debate Over Health and Habits

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Donald Trump’s presence in the courtroom during his recent hush money trial in New York City has caught public attention, not just for the legal battle he faces but also for his apparent bouts of drowsiness. The former president has been observed nodding off during the proceedings, leading to widespread commentary and speculation about the reasons behind his sleepiness.

According to a report by The Daily Mail, while Trump’s legal team has dismissed claims of his lethargy, insisting it stems from mere disinterest in the ongoing litigation, sleep experts offer a different perspective. Dr. Chris Winter, a noted sleep specialist from Virginia, suggests that Trump’s well-documented heavy consumption of Diet Coke may be playing a significant role in his courtroom fatigue.

Vanity Fair has previously reported that Trump drinks up to 12 cans of the caffeinated beverage daily, an amount that could rival the caffeine intake from four cups of coffee. Dr. Winter proposes that this high caffeine consumption, coupled with Trump’s preference for fast food, might be contributing to energy dips during the day.

Trump has famously claimed that he operates effectively on just four to five hours of sleep per night, a habit that might be catching up with him during the less stimulating moments of the trial. Moreover, his inability to access his usual caffeine fix inside the courtroom could be exacerbating his sleepiness.

The irony of the situation is heightened by Trump’s previous branding of President Joe Biden as ‘Sleepy Joe’, which now reflects back on him as he struggles to stay awake during critical legal proceedings. Dr. Winter also points out that Trump’s sudden lack of access to Diet Coke during court sessions might lead to caffeine withdrawal symptoms, contributing to his drowsiness.

Known for his fondness for the beverage, Trump famously had a button installed on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office for ordering Diet Coke during his presidency. Although he is no longer in the White House, his penchant for Diet Coke continues unabated at his Mar-a-Lago estate.

Each 12-ounce can of Diet Coke contains about 46mg of caffeine, which under normal circumstances helps keep Trump alert. However, the strict courtroom environment, which restricts food and drink, forces Trump to rely solely on caffeine consumed before entering the court, a scenario hardly ideal for maintaining alertness through hours of legal discussions.

Dr. Winter also cautions that the former president’s sleep issues might signal deeper health concerns related to age, stress, and lifestyle, though without detailed medical records, these cannot be conclusively assessed. In defense of Trump, his lawyer, Alina Habba, argues that the drowsiness is more a result of boredom and familiarity with the legal process than actual fatigue.

Adding a layer to the discourse, Trump’s apparent courtroom drowsiness draws comparisons to President Biden, who has had his own public struggles with staying awake, such as nodding off at the COP26 climate summit. This similarity serves as a reminder that the demands of high office and public scrutiny can take their toll on anyone, regardless of political standing.

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