Trump’s classified docs team could file this ‘game over’ motion

 Trump’s classified docs team could file this ‘game over’ motion


Leo Terrell, a civil rights attorney, appeared on “Life, Liberty & Levin” and suggested that a single motion filed by former President Donald Trump’s counsel in the Mar-a-Lago raid case could potentially be a game-changer for special counsel Jack Smith and the prosecution.

Terrell shared his thoughts on the Presidential Records Act, which governs how presidents handle their official records and documentation. He mentioned a 2014 revision led by former Rep. Elijah Cummings, which made adjustments to accommodate the digital age and enhance transparency.

According to the National Archives, the PRA assigns the responsibility for the custody and management of incumbent presidential records to the President.

Host Mark Levin speculated that Trump’s legal team might refer to Democrat-appointed jurists like Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who ruled against transparency watchdog Judicial Watch in a previous case. The case involved seeking cassettes stored by former President Bill Clinton, which contained discussions on various matters such as the firing of former CIA Director James Woolsey, foreign policy decisions regarding Haiti, and NAFTA deliberations.

Terrell responded, stating that such a motion would be significant and could potentially have a decisive impact on the case. He argued that the PRA vindicates Trump, and the prosecution has not offered a viable response to this assertion.

Terrell suggested that the alleged negligence regarding the PRA by federal authorities is driven by their desire to thwart Trump’s political ambitions. He expressed his belief that the prosecution, Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, Christopher Wray, and the Democratic machine, along with the left-wing media, are attempting to derail Trump’s potential presidential candidacy.

According to Terrell, invoking the PRA should result in the dismissal of what he considers to be baseless charges against Trump.

Aside from Trump, former Vice President Mike Pence, and President Biden have also faced scrutiny regarding classified documents found in their possession or residences. Pence cooperated fully and faced no charges, while former Baltimore federal prosecutor Rob Hur was appointed as special counsel to investigate Biden. However, Hur has provided minimal public comments on the case thus far.

Documents from Biden’s time in the Senate have been discovered in various locations, including a building associated with the University of Pennsylvania in Washington, D.C., and a garage housing the president’s Corvette at his Delaware estate in Greenville.

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