“That Statement Is an Insult” Sharpton Responds to Trump’s Claims of Helping Black Americans More Than Any President Since Lincoln

 “That Statement Is an Insult” Sharpton Responds to Trump’s Claims of Helping Black Americans More Than Any President Since Lincoln

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Donald Trump recently compared himself to Abraham Lincoln, claiming he has done more for Black Americans than any other president in U.S. history. This assertion, made at a National Rifle Association conference over the weekend, has sparked significant backlash. Civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton, appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, fiercely criticized Trump for insulting the intelligence of American voters across racial identities, as reported by Raw Story.

Trump boldly stated, “There’s been no president since Abraham Lincoln that has done more for the Black individual in this country than President Donald J. Trump. Not even close.” Sharpton, a long-term civil rights leader and MSNBC contributor, reacted strongly to this claim. He expressed his outrage on Morning Joe, saying, “Well, you know, that statement is an insult to the intelligence of the American voters of all races.”

Sharpton elaborated on Trump’s record, pointing out significant actions that he believes contradict Trump’s claim. “Donald Trump under his presidency nominated three [Supreme Court] justices that he takes credit for ending women’s right to choose. These same three justices helped to change voting rights forever, taking out certain parts of the Voting Rights bill, and ended affirmative action — that’s what Donald Trump did,” Sharpton said.

He also highlighted economic issues, stating, “We had record Black unemployment. He gave a fraction of what Joe Biden has given to HBCUs.” Sharpton was particularly critical of Trump’s comparison to past presidents. “For him to say that he did more for Blacks than Barack Obama, than FDR, than Eisenhower — I’m talking about Republican and Democrat — doing more than Obama, he didn’t do more than George Bush who I marched on every opportunity that I had,” Sharpton asserted. “For him to say that is to say we’re stupid,” he added emphatically.

The Reverend also took aim at a potential vice-presidential pick for Trump, Tim Scott. “Let me also say this: for him to float out there he’s thinking of trying to appeal to Black voters by putting someone like [South Carolina GOP Senator] Tim Scott on the ticket, I dare Donald Trump to put Tim Scott on the ticket. Scott was the one who helped to sabotage the George Floyd Bill,” Sharpton argued. “You think you can placate us with somebody who just genuflects to you rather than serve their constituents,” he asked rhetorically.

In a recent critique, Sharpton also condemned Trump for selling $60 Bibles. Speaking to MSNBC, as per The Guardian, Sharpton said, “Blasphemy certainly comes to mind. I think that people ought to realize how offensive this is to those of us who believe in the Bible. He’s doing this during Holy Week. Tomorrow is Good Friday, and Sunday is Easter. Of all of the times you want to hustle using the Bible, why would you do it during Holy Week, which is a spit in the face of people that believe in the Bible from a Christian point of view.” Sharpton’s comments underscore the deep divide and ongoing tensions surrounding Trump’s legacy and his claims about his impact on Black Americans.

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