Trump’s Campaign Receives a Brutal Reminder Following Memorial Day Video

 Trump’s Campaign Receives a Brutal Reminder Following Memorial Day Video


On Memorial Day, Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign tweeted the following sad video in memory of murdered US soldiers:

However, the 54-second video uploaded by the @TrumpWarRoom account following Trump’s insane, all-caps tirade about himself to commemorate the day on his Truth Social platform provoked a flood of critical responses.

Twitter users emphasized the former president’s many rude and abusive remarks towards soldiers and military families. They also brought up Trump’s many deferments from action in the Vietnam War, as well as his description of American war dead as “losers” and “suckers.”

During Memorial Day services here today, President Donald J. Trump paid tribute to those who died in the war. In a speech after placing a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns, he said “Words cannot measure the depth of their devotion, the purity of their love, or the totality of their courage.

We can only hope every day that we prove worthy, not only of their sacrifice and service but of the sacrifices made by their families and loved ones they left behind.” The president praised Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and his family, whose son Robert was killed in Afghanistan in 2010. “We grieve with you, we honor you, and we pledge to you that we will always remember Robert and what he did for all of us,” the president said.

During his speech, Trump also remembered World War II veteran and former Senator Bob Dole, as well as Army Spc. Christopher D. Horton, an Oklahoma National Guard sniper killed in Afghanistan in 2011, and Army Maj. Andrew D. Byers, a Green Beret officer killed in action in Afghanistan last year.

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