Donald Trump Jr. Went On TV To Talk About Trump’s Arraignment And It Was A Sad Disaster

 Donald Trump Jr. Went On TV To Talk About Trump’s Arraignment And It Was A Sad Disaster


Donald Trump Jr. appeared on Newsmax to discuss his father’s state of mind on the day of his arraignment. However, he was unable to provide clear insight into whether he had spoken with his father or what Trump’s reaction to the arraignment would be.

When asked about his father’s condition and their conversations, Trump Jr. responded:

Yes. We are perhaps differently constructed, and I believe we’ve become accustomed to this. We even joked about the time during the Russia probe when the head of the Intelligence Committee wanted to try me for treason, a crime punishable by death.

This has become our new normal. This is how the Democrats operate. Republicans need to show some backbone and start actively pushing back, not just offering nice words on TV or Twitter. They need to use the appropriations process to halt some of the funding for this madness.

My father and I were jesting that one of the charges in the new case could even bring up the death penalty. I quipped, ‘Oh, we have even more in common now.’ So whether it’s because we’re built differently or we’ve just grown accustomed to this situation, it’s not meant to be the norm for anyone.

Later, when asked about Trump’s plan to respond to the arraignment, Trump Jr. said, “I don’t know if he has planned remarks for tonight. I would imagine he will say something. He’s not one to pre-plan these things. What you see is what you get. I’m sure he will have some probably off-the-cuff remarks later, but I haven’t spoken to him today about what’s going on.”

The Trump family seems to be rallying around their patriarch during his arraignment on federal felony charges, though they appear out of the loop, having to make public speculations about the situation.

The father-son duo bonding over accusations of treason raises questions about the healthiness of their relationship. It seems that Donald Trump doesn’t communicate adequately with his own children, leaving them unaware of what’s happening as he faces federal charges.

The clear contrast between the relationship between Trump and his son and that of Hunter Biden and his father, who is evidently more involved and affectionate, may explain why Don Jr. often fixates on Hunter Biden.

The longing for his father’s attention is evident in Don Jr., suggesting that Trump’s parenting skills might mirror his ability to avoid criminal charges.

Video of Trump Jr.:

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