When Donald Trump’s Allegations of Having a “Higher IQ” Than Past Presidents Were Disputed Online

 When Donald Trump’s Allegations of Having a “Higher IQ” Than Past Presidents Were Disputed Online

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Donald Trump, the former U.S. President, is currently navigating a complex array of legal challenges. These include his ongoing civil fraud case trial in New York and the forthcoming trial concerning classified documents, all amidst his plans to run in the 2024 Presidential Elections. Despite these hurdles, Trump maintains an optimistic outlook.

Trump, recognized for his successful business ventures and investments, as well as his notable educational background, has made some bold claims about himself, particularly regarding his intelligence. These assertions have sometimes been met with skepticism from critics who question the validity of his self-proclaimed “High IQ.”

Trump’s tendency to attract attention with his statements is evident in his claims about having a higher IQ than notable figures like former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, comedian Jon Stewart, and ‘The Apprentice’ star Lord Sugar. These claims, as reported by the BBC in 2013, have sparked reactions from critics on social media.

A discussion on Quora about Trump’s IQ garnered varied responses. One user, ‘Robert Sterling,’ referenced an incident reported by Bloomberg where Trump challenged his then-Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, to an IQ test after Tillerson allegedly called him a “moron.” Mensa International offered to conduct the test, but Trump reportedly backed out.

Another user, ‘Bob Trent,’ pointed out that Trump has not disclosed his IQ scores or high school transcripts and has allegedly threatened legal action against anyone attempting to release them. Trent highlighted Trump’s claims of being a “very stable genius” and his assertions about his intelligence and wisdom.

A third critic, ‘Kevin Meares,’ acknowledged Trump’s economics degree from Wharton University but noted that Trump refuses to release his academic transcripts, leading to speculation about his academic performance. Meares suggested that Trump’s grades were likely just passing, casting doubt on his claims of being a genius.

The debate over Trump’s true IQ and academic achievements continues, with no definitive proof provided by Trump himself regarding his educational transcripts or an authentic IQ test result.

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