Support Campaign Surges with Staggering Fundraising After Trump’s $350 Million Fraud Judgment

 Support Campaign Surges with Staggering Fundraising After Trump’s $350 Million Fraud Judgment

(Alex Brandon/AP)

In the aftermath of a significant legal defeat for former President Donald Trump, his sons, and their associated businesses, a new fundraising campaign has been set into motion to help counteract the financial repercussions. The campaign, led by Elena Cardone, is titled “Stand with Trump” and seeks to raise $355 million to cover the fines imposed by a recent civil fraud ruling in New York.

This initiative, reported by Mediaite, has seen a rapid influx of support, amassing over $430,000 through 8,700 contributions as of the morning of Monday, February 19. The campaign’s momentum continued to build, with the latest figures showing 11.6K donations amounting to $597,138. The fundraising effort has attracted a wide range of contributions, with the largest single donation being $10,000, while the majority of donations range between $20 to $100.

This movement comes in response to a court decision by Judge Arthur Engoron, which fined Trump and his entities over $350 million plus interest for their involvement in fraudulent activities. The ruling also imposed fines of roughly $4 million on each of his sons and prohibited Trump from conducting business in New York for three years.

Elena Cardone, who is married to successful private equity fund manager and real estate mogul Grant Cardone, quickly organized the fundraising effort through a GoFundMe page entitled “Stand with Trump; Fund the $355M Unjust Judgment.” She has publicly voiced her steadfast support for Trump, condemning what she perceives as a biased and unprecedented targeting by certain elements within the New York judiciary.

In her statement, Cardone highlighted the broader ramifications of Trump’s legal challenges, framing them as an assault not just on the individual but on the foundational principles of justice and fairness that are supposed to protect all Americans. She argued that the actions against Trump represent a dangerous precedent that could undermine the integrity of the judicial system and the equitable application of laws.

The legal entanglements of Trump extend beyond this single case, with his Save America PAC reportedly spending close to $37 million on legal fees, engaging the services of over 60 law firms and attorneys since the beginning of 2022.

The fallout from the fraud case has also sparked a unique form of protest; a group of truck drivers, expressing their solidarity with Trump, have declared a boycott on deliveries to New York City as a direct response to the judgment, according to The New York Post. This boycott has gained traction among conservative circles on social media, further highlighting the divisive nature of the case and its implications for Trump and his supporters.

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