“He is a negotiator by trade, and I think he will negotiate a good deal on this issue” Trump Camp in Turmoil Over Abortion Policy Leak

 “He is a negotiator by trade, and I think he will negotiate a good deal on this issue” Trump Camp in Turmoil Over Abortion Policy Leak

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The news from Donald Trump’s camp has taken a dramatic turn as a leak made its way to the forefront of The New York Times, sparking a whirlwind of reactions among his senior staff. The report unveiled Trump’s confidential discussions with allies, wherein he allegedly expressed support for a national abortion policy that would span 16 weeks, with certain exceptions in place.

This revelation has thrown his campaign team into a state of turmoil, marked by feelings of anger, frustration, and deep-seated paranoia. The team is now on a mission to mitigate the political repercussions that have ensued. In response to the newspaper’s publication, Trump’s campaign was quick to label the report as “fake news.” Despite their strong dismissal, there was no outright denial of the facts presented.

However, in a subsequent statement, a spokesman from the campaign vehemently refuted the story, dubbing it “fake and untrue.” Contradicting these public denials, a well-informed source confirmed to Rolling Stone that Trump indeed harbored support for the 16-week abortion limit, a stance he believes aligns with the majority of American views.

“He said it,” that source said. “Sixteen with exceptions.”

Trump has been privately endorsing the 16-week ban in conversations with so many allies and confidants that a leak was inevitable, said that source and two others briefed on the matter, although the campaign’s frustration is hardly surprising.

“He is a negotiator by trade, and I think he will negotiate a good deal on this issue, and on a whole host of other issues,” said megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress, a longtime Trump adviser.

“Just about three weeks ago, I was talking to President Trump about this issue, and he and I agreed that a six-week ban with no exceptions policy is not going to fly in America today, because the overwhelming majority of Americans are against something that is that ‘extreme.’ But he also said they are against the ‘extreme’ abortion-on-demand. So he’s trying to get to a position that is staunchly pro-life, but also realistic, given where most Americans are.”

Trump, who has often proclaimed himself as the “most pro-life president ever,” is reliant on the support of anti-abortion conservatives for his electoral success in November. Nonetheless, there’s a palpable fear within his circle that his abortion policies might deter independent voters and suburban women, a demographic crucial to his campaign. Additionally, there’s apprehension that the leak could backfire by alienating anti-abortion advocates who may find his views insufficiently stringent.

Amidst this internal chaos, some of Trump’s advisers are speculating that the leak could have been strategically executed by hardline anti-abortion groups. Their motive, presumably, is to corner Trump into endorsing a more definitive federal ban on abortion ahead of the election season, a move that would undoubtedly be welcomed by President Joe Biden and his Democratic counterparts, potentially serving as a significant advantage in the upcoming electoral contest.

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