Trump Throws A Tantrum As He Flees Georgia After Being Booked

 Trump Throws A Tantrum As He Flees Georgia After Being Booked

Pic: Reuters

Donald Trump displayed visible frustration regarding the recent felony charges against him in Georgia. In a brief interaction with the press, he refrained from addressing their questions and soon departed from the scene.

This recent encounter with reporters markedly differs from Trump’s approach following his New York indictment. Previously, he engaged in organized political events and delivered extensive speeches.

During that time, it was reported that the former president’s efforts led to significant fundraising. However, in light of the charges in Georgia, Trump’s approach appears more reserved and his tone notably more irate, leading some to speculate about the increasing pressure and potential ramifications he might be facing.

Former President Donald Trump said he feels some sympathy for his co-defendants in the Georgia elections case, saying their “lives are destroyed” by the criminal charges, told CNBC.

“Those people that have been so unfairly dragged into this, these are high-quality people who don’t even know why they were brought in,” Trump said in an interview with Newsmax several hours after he was booked in a Georgia county jail.

“Those people have to be released. They have to be released from this horrible thing that they’re going through,” he added.

Trump is one of 19 defendants charged in a sprawling RICO indictment that accuses them of conspiring to overturn the results of the 2020 Georgia presidential election.

Trump also noted that some of his co-defendants “don’t have a lot of money, and some of them have almost nothing.”

The former president dodged a question about whether he sees his co-defendants as a “team.”

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