Trump Reveals That Mar-a-Lago Security Tapes Were Not Deleted But Handed Over To Special Counsel

 Trump Reveals That Mar-a-Lago Security Tapes Were Not Deleted But Handed Over To Special Counsel

(Alex Brandon/AP)

Former President Donald Trump has made a startling revelation in the ongoing controversy surrounding the security tapes at his luxury resort, Mar-a-Lago. Trump revealed that the tapes were not deleted, as previously alleged, but rather handed over to Special Counsel Jack Smith. He said that he is being accused of a fake crime.

The statement has reignited the debate over Trump’s actions during his presidency and has raised questions about the legitimacy of the current investigation.

“Mar-a-Lago security tapes were not deleted. They were voluntarily handed over to the thugs, headed up by deranged Jack Smith. We did not even go to court to stop them from getting these tapes. I never told anybody to delete them. Prosecutorial fiction and misconduct! Election interference!” Fox News reported on Sunday, July 30, 2023, that Trump said via his Truth Social.

“Same as the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax. They knowingly accuse you of a fake crime, a crime that they actually makeup, you fight these false charges hard, and they try and get you on ‘obstruction’. We are dealing with sick and evil people!” He added.

The Mar-a-Lago resort, situated in Palm Beach, Florida, has been a hotbed of political activity throughout Trump’s tenure as the 45th President of the United States. Amidst ongoing legal battles and scrutiny surrounding his presidency, Trump has been vocal in asserting that his actions were legitimate and within the bounds of the law. The alleged deletion of security tapes at his resort came under intense public scrutiny, leading to speculation and accusations of a cover-up.

However, Trump vehemently denied deleting the tapes. Instead, he claimed that they were voluntarily handed over to the Special Counsel, Jack Smith.

Trump’s attorney Alina Habba has also denied any tapes were deleted.

“What was the obstruction of justice? Because no tapes were deleted. He turned them over, he cooperated as he always does. But they would like the American people to believe in these bogus indictments.

“When he has his turn in court, and when we get to file our papers, you will see that every single video, every single surveillance video that was requested was turned over,” Habba said. “If President Trump didn’t want something turned over, I assure you, that is something that could have been done. But he never would act like that. He is the most ethical American I know.”

Trump is being accused of asking that the Mar-a-Lago footage be deleted after FBI and Department of Justice investigators visited his residence in June last year to collect classified documents he took with him after he left the White House.

Trump’s supporters have echoed his accusations of a politically motivated attack against him. Conversely, his critics questioned the timing of the revelation and whether it was a strategic move to shift the narrative away from other ongoing investigations.

Amidst the swirling controversy, calls for transparency and an impartial investigation have grown louder. The American public remains divided, with many demanding an end to the seemingly endless stream of political drama and a focus on the pressing issues facing the nation.

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