Trump Targets Kamala Harris Amid Biden Nomination Debates ‘The Best Insurance Policy I’ve Ever Seen’

 Trump Targets Kamala Harris Amid Biden Nomination Debates ‘The Best Insurance Policy I’ve Ever Seen’


Amid ongoing debates within the Democratic Party about President Joe Biden’s eligibility to remain the nominee, former President Donald Trump has turned his attention to Vice President Kamala Harris. During a recent campaign speech on July 9, Trump included Harris in his standard criticisms of Biden, calling him incompetent and disparaging him on immigration and economic issues.

Trump’s focus on Harris suggests that his team is preparing for the possibility that Biden might drop out of the race before November, according to The Hill. “Whatever else can be said about crooked Joe Biden, you have to give him credit for one brilliant decision, probably the smartest decision he ever made,” Trump told supporters in Doral, Florida. “He picked Kamala Harris as his vice president. No, it was brilliant. Because it was an insurance policy. Maybe the best insurance policy I’ve ever seen.”

“If Joe had picked someone even halfway competent they would have bounced him from office years ago, but they can’t because she’s gotta be their second choice,” Trump added, criticizing Harris’s handling of migration from the Northern Triangle, an assignment she received early in Biden’s presidency.

Initially, Harris faced scrutiny for her interviews on the migration issue. However, she has since managed to attract significant private investment to address the underlying causes of migration. At the rally, Trump also linked Harris to Biden’s economic policies and criticized climate mitigation efforts like investing in electric vehicles.

“Joe, Kamala, and the entire Democrat establishment have been caught red-handed in the thick of the biggest scandal and the biggest coverup…it’s a cover-up. It’s the biggest cover-up in political history,” Trump claimed. “As you know, they are all co-conspirators in the sinister plot to defraud the American public about the cognitive abilities of the man in the Oval Office.”

Since the June 27 debate, where the 81-year-old Biden frequently stumbled over his words and seemed to lose his train of thought, Biden and his aides have been working hard to dispel concerns about his electability. Publicly, seven House Democrats have urged Biden to withdraw from the nomination. Many polls show Biden trailing Trump both nationally and in key swing states, but he has consistently dismissed demands for him to drop out of the race, according to Al Jazeera.

Harris, who has consistently supported Biden, now finds herself in a challenging position. Nonetheless, she defended Biden in a recent interview. “We always knew this election would be tough, and the past few days have been a reminder that running for president of the United States is never easy,” Harris said. “But the one thing we know about our president, Joe Biden, is that he is a fighter. He is a fighter. And he is the first to say, when you get knocked down, you get back up.”

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