“Biden Couldn’t Get Hired as a Walmart Greeter” Trump Supporters Celebrate Debate Performance

 “Biden Couldn’t Get Hired as a Walmart Greeter” Trump Supporters Celebrate Debate Performance

Andrew Kelly/Reuters

Trump’s supporters took an early victory lap Thursday as President Joe Biden stumbled through a debate performance that had onlookers shocked.

“Biden couldn’t get hired as a Walmart greeter and he has the nuclear codes,” wrote Marjorie Taylor Greene on X. “Can Joe Biden even live another 4 years, let alone be president?”

Even some Democrats expressed shock as Biden appeared old and confused during the CNN debate, frequently losing his train of thought and speaking with a raspy and weak voice.

“Heads are going to roll,” wrote The Independent’s White House correspondent Andrew Feinberg. Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a staunch Trump supporter, wrote on X, “Dems are going to dump Biden. Get ready for Michelle Obama as their nominee.”

“What is Joe looking at?” wrote Lauren Boebert (R-CO). “He’s literally staring off into space, lost.” She added, “President Trump is eviscerating Jacked-up Joe on his network, with his moderators, and under his rules.”

J.D. Vance (R-OH), a favorite for Trump’s vice president pick, wrote, “Trump has so much more energy and clarity than Biden, it’s just an insane contrast.” “One guy can do the job and the other can’t,” he then added.

The debate performance has sparked significant backlash within the Democratic Party as well. Critics were vocal about their disappointment, highlighting the stark contrast between Biden’s demeanor and Trump’s more energized and coherent delivery. Many Democrats took to social media to express their concerns about Biden’s ability to lead.

The incident has intensified discussions within the Democratic Party about Biden’s viability as a candidate for the next election. As the party grapples with the fallout, the pressure mounts to find a strategy that can effectively counteract the negative impressions left by Biden’s performance. The coming days are expected to see increased scrutiny and potentially significant shifts in the Democratic campaign approach as they respond to the criticisms and strategize for future debates and the election campaign.

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