Trump Spends Court Recess at Mar-a-Lago Dinner with NFT Supporters

 Trump Spends Court Recess at Mar-a-Lago Dinner with NFT Supporters

Image: Reuters/Carlos Barria

Former President Donald Trump spent part of his May 8 day off from court at a dinner with supporters at Mar-a-Lago who paid thousands of dollars for his “Mugshot Edition” NFTs, Axios reported. While Trump has often lamented that his criminal prosecution in New York is preventing him from campaigning in crucial swing states, the presumptive GOP nominee seems to have prioritized capitalizing on his brand and likeness during his time off, drawing criticism from his rivals at the Democratic National Committee.

NFTs represent a substantial source of revenue for Trump. According to financial statements, he claimed to have made between $100,000 and $1 million from NFTs alone in 2022. His “Mugshot” NFTs, which play off his mugshot taken during his arrest in Fulton County, Georgia, on allegations of attempting to overturn the 2020 election results, have been particularly popular.

The NFTs include an image of the mugshot itself, a drawing of Trump in a cowboy hat, and a cartoonish depiction of an extremely muscular Trump holding lightning bolts with “America’s Superhero” emblazoned beneath. Supporters who purchased enough NFTs to be invited to the dinner also received a physical card with a fragment of the suit that Trump appeared to have worn during his August arrest.

In a video promoting the cards, Trump claimed that some of them would be signed by him. Buyers who spent nearly $10,000 on 100 NFTs were also invited to a “VIP” cocktail event before the dinner, where they would receive physical cards featuring fragments of the suit and tie that Trump wore on the day of his arrest.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) quickly condemned Trump following the news of the dinner, describing him as a “con artist.” “Donald Trump is nothing but a con artist who has ripped off the American people time and time again, and this election is no different: Trump has hawked bootleg sneakers, peddled his own Bible, and pushed NFTs,” said Alex Floyd, the DNC’s rapid response director, in a statement to The Hill.

“As Trump continues to back a laughably out-of-touch MAGAnomics agenda that puts his ultra-wealthy friends ahead of hardworking families, Americans aren’t falling for the con job. Voters see right through Trump’s never-ending grifting and will reject his extreme and unpopular brand at the ballot box in November,” Floyd added.

Trump also faced criticism for not focusing on campaigning. Speaking to reporters on May 7 outside the courthouse after adult film star Stormy Daniels testified to a series of embarrassing disclosures about their alleged sexual encounter, Trump expressed his frustration with the trial. “I’d like to be campaigning,” he said, indicating his preference for being on the campaign trail rather than in court.

However, aside from the dinner with NFT buyers, it appeared that his team had no other plans for the day. Two weeks ago, on another recess day from the trial, Trump went golfing, which had also drawn harsh criticism on social media.

Trump’s focus on promoting his brand through NFTs instead of campaigning has left him open to attacks from his political opponents. Despite facing mounting legal challenges and criticism for his fundraising tactics, Trump continues to enjoy strong support among his base, though the DNC remains confident that voters will see through what they perceive as his “con job.”

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