Trump Slams Fox News ‘Get Rid of Him, FoxNews!’

 Trump Slams Fox News ‘Get Rid of Him, FoxNews!’

Photograph: Charly Triballeau/AFP/Getty Images

In less than 24 hours, Donald Trump has unleashed a barrage of attacks on Fox News over their choice of guests, lumping the network in with his usual targets as “fake news.” Starting late Saturday, the former president, currently off the campaign trail and notably silent following his debate with President Joe Biden, has been vocal on Truth Social, lashing out in his trademark all-caps style.

Late Saturday, Trump ranted, “FoxNews puts on the WORST people, and all done very purposely. John Bussey, a Wall Street Journal Associate Editor, is a real loser who loves to hear himself talk. When he discusses me, he refuses to say, even though he knows it to be true, that everything I got accused of is a Biden-inspired HOAX for purposes of Election Interference. He plays right into their web of deceit and deception by not explaining this. Is he a Democrat, or a really dumb Republican? Hard to believe I’m winning by so much with jerks like this stinking up the airwaves. Get rid of him, FoxNews! DJT.”

Not stopping there, Trump continued his tirade against the network, writing, “Why does FoxNews keep putting all of these warped Biden Apologists on, one after another, like failed former Congressman Patrick Murphy?”

Trump’s criticism of Fox News is not new, but his recent comments highlight his increasing frustration with the network’s coverage and choice of commentators. The former president has often targeted media outlets that he perceives as unfair or biased against him, and Fox News, once a staunch supporter, has not been spared.

The former president’s outbursts come amidst a period of relative silence, making his sudden flurry of posts even more notable. His complaints about the network’s guests reflect his ongoing battle with the media, which he believes is part of a larger conspiracy to undermine his political standing and influence public opinion against him.

Trump’s relationship with Fox News has been turbulent, marked by periods of mutual support and public clashes. While the network has been a key platform for his message, Trump’s dissatisfaction with certain coverage and commentary has led to repeated public rebukes.

As Trump gears up for the next phase of his political journey, his attacks on Fox News signal his continued determination to control the narrative and push back against those he views as obstacles to his agenda. The former president’s rhetoric remains as fiery as ever, ensuring that his presence in the media landscape is far from diminishing.

The impact of Trump’s latest tirades on Fox News and its viewership remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: the former president is not backing down from his fight against what he deems “fake news,” regardless of the platform.

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