Trump Seeks Scapegoat Amid Legal Woes and Election Focus According to Former VP Barbara Res

 Trump Seeks Scapegoat Amid Legal Woes and Election Focus According to Former VP Barbara Res

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Donald Trump is reportedly seething with anger over the civil and criminal legal challenges he’s currently facing, and he’s apparently seeking a scapegoat within his circle to bear the brunt of his frustrations. This insight comes from Barbara Res, a former executive who once oversaw construction projects for the Trump Organization.

During a Sunday appearance on CNN, Res provided a glimpse into the mindset of the former president as he navigates the treacherous waters of his first criminal trial and grapples with the impending bond deadline tied to a substantial fraud verdict. The conversation on CNN delved into the psyche of Trump, particularly in light of his well-crafted persona as a triumphant and affluent businessman.

The host posed a question to Res about the significance of this image to Trump, especially now that he is on the cusp of potentially pivotal legal deadlines. “How crucial is it for Trump to maintain his reputation as a successful, wealthy entrepreneur? As we approach this bond deadline, what do you imagine is going through his mind?” the host inquired, reported Raw Story.

“Well, I think he’s like so angry that this is happening to him, and he’s looking for someone to blame,” she said. “It is very important to him that he keep up this fantasy about him being the greatest businessman, and that’s what he’s concerned about now, actually.”

Res added that the election is also on Trump’s mind, but that “he thinks he’s going to win” that one. “He wants to keep that face, that public face,” she added. Res later noted that Trump “really does not want to look like a loser, so to speak.”

In her response, Res suggested that the looming elections also occupy a significant portion of Trump’s thoughts. Despite the legal turmoil swirling around him, Res conveyed Trump’s seemingly unwavering belief in his electoral victory. “He believes he’s going to win the election,” she stated, implying that Trump’s confidence extends beyond the courtroom to the political arena.

This revelation about Trump’s state of mind offers a rare peek behind the curtain of his public facade, revealing a mix of defiance and desperation. As legal pressures mount, Trump’s search for an ally to shoulder the blame underscores the intense scrutiny and criticism he faces. The intersection of his legal challenges with his political ambitions adds another layer of complexity to Trump’s current predicament.

Res’s insights shed light on the tumultuous period Trump is experiencing, marked by legal battles and the relentless pursuit of political relevance. Her comments hint at the intricate dynamics at play within Trump’s inner circle and the broader implications of his legal and political strategies. As Trump navigates these challenges, the questions surrounding his ability to maintain his cherished image of success and affluence loom large, suggesting that the coming days may be pivotal for the former president and his legacy.

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