Donald Trump Drops a Hint About His Marriage to Melania with a Sorrowful Look

 Donald Trump Drops a Hint About His Marriage to Melania with a Sorrowful Look


At the funeral of his sister, Maryanne Barry Trump, former President Donald Trump’s demeanor suggested deep grief and reliance on his wife Melania for support, as interpreted by body language expert Judi James. This event took place in New York’s Upper East Side, with footage shared on Instagram by @newyorkhoje.

According to Judi James, speaking to The Mirror, Trump attempted a composed, presidential stance but mostly appeared overwhelmed by sorrow. She particularly noted his firm grip on Melania’s hand, suggesting it was both for emotional and physical support. As they descended the church steps, Melania’s posture indicated she was bearing some of his weight.

In a recent interview, Trump spoke about Melania’s confidence and self-assurance, amidst speculation about her absence from various events. James observed that Trump’s unsteady demeanor could be a sign of extreme grief, with facial expressions conveying regret or sorrow.

Maryanne and Trump generally had a positive relationship, with the former judge initially supporting her brother’s political pursuits. However, their relationship became strained, as revealed in a secretly recorded conversation by their niece Mary Trump, published by the Washington Post in 2020. In this recording, Maryanne criticized Trump’s lack of principles and his approach to politics.

Mary Trump, the daughter of Fred Trump Jr., has been publicly feuding with her uncle and is involved in a legal battle against him over allegations of plotting to obtain his tax records.

Despite past tensions, sources, including ABC, reported that Trump and Maryanne were mending their relationship, even meeting at Trump’s Bedminster club in New Jersey. Maryanne, a judge appointed by President Ronald Reagan and later by President Bill Clinton, had experienced professional advancement partially due to her brother’s connections.

Following Maryanne’s death, Trump condemned the media on Truth Social for its harsh coverage of her, linking it to his presidential candidacy. He praised her as a remarkable individual and lamented the scrutiny she faced during his presidency. Trump emphasized her success as a judge in the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, attributing some of her challenges to media treatment and the family’s tax investigation, which led to her retirement in 2019.

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