“That’s what a real US president should react!” Trump Rejects Mexico’s $20B Aid Demand, Says He Wouldn’t Offer “10 Cents

 “That’s what a real US president should react!” Trump Rejects Mexico’s $20B Aid Demand, Says He Wouldn’t Offer “10 Cents


During an appearance on Fox News on Sunday, March 31, former President Donald Trump weighed in on Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s recent interview with CBS, dismissing the notion of acquiescing to Mexico’s demands. Trump joined ‘One Nation‘ host Brian Kilmeade, who queried him about Lopez Obrador’s stance on border policies during his ’60 Minutes’ interview.

When pressed by Kilmeade about Mexico’s attempt to influence American policy, Trump pointed out that the Mexican president’s requests went beyond mere policy considerations. He highlighted Lopez Obrador’s purported demand for $10 billion as a prerequisite for dialogue, a condition Trump adamantly opposed, particularly in relation to the construction of a border wall.

Trump’s response underscored his belief in maintaining a firm stance against what he perceived as disrespectful overtures from foreign leaders. He emphasized that such demands would never have been made during his tenure, asserting his refusal to entertain any financial requests from Mexico.

In the ’60 Minutes’ interview, Lopez Obrador reiterated his prior calls for specific concessions from the Biden administration in exchange for Mexico’s cooperation in addressing the surge of undocumented immigrants. These demands encompassed various policy changes, including the lifting of sanctions on Cuba and Venezuela, substantial financial aid to Latin American and Caribbean nations, and the provision of legal status to Mexican immigrants residing unlawfully in the United States.

Trump’s commentary on the matter revealed his skepticism toward Lopez Obrador’s approach and reiterated his unwavering commitment to his administration’s border security agenda. His remarks suggested a sense of incredulity at the perceived audacity of Mexico’s requests and hinted at his belief in the necessity of maintaining a strong and assertive stance in diplomatic negotiations.

In his concluding remarks, Trump emphasized the significance of the upcoming November 5th election, framing it as a pivotal moment for the future trajectory of the nation. He warned of the dire consequences of failing to address what he viewed as critical issues facing the country, hinting at potential shifts in policy direction contingent upon the outcome of the electoral process.


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