Donald Trump Rages at Joe Biden Over Rising Fuel Prices: ‘They Want To Destroy Our Country’

 Donald Trump Rages at Joe Biden Over Rising Fuel Prices: ‘They Want To Destroy Our Country’

Source: CNN

In a new interview, Donald Trump took aim at President Joe Biden over rising fuel prices, while also claiming that the United States was more successful while he was in office.

The former president was asked how he felt about being blamed for the fuel issue while chatting with Mark Levin on his show, Life, Liberty, and Levin.

Newsweek published an article last week about the ongoing rise in gasoline costs and how it varies by state.

The national average price for regular gas is $3.411 per gallon however this does not apply to all states. The cost of living in several West Coast states is significantly greater than the average.

While speaking about President Biden, Levin said: “Whatever Donald Trump did, he wants to reverse it.

“When it collapses he blames Donald Trump. Does that annoy the hell out of you when you are watching it every night?” In response, Trump accused Biden’s administration of lying and causing harm to the oil industry. He also lauded his government for making progress in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) about oil development.

He said: “I knew this during the debates and during the election. I said your gas will go to $7 and then it will go much higher, that is exactly what is happening.

“They lied during all of this, they didn’t say they were going to close up the oil industry.” He continued: “I did something that Ronald Reagan couldn’t do, I got ANWR approved in Alaska.

“It is the biggest oil site probably in the world, probably as large as Saudi Arabia, maybe larger. Nobody could get it done, I got it done and nobody could believe it.

“They just ended it and they ended all drilling, they ended leases. “We were bigger, we are energy independent and when I left we were bigger than Russia and Saudi Arabia.

“In one year we would have been bigger than both combined, it is one of the great assets. “We have oil, I call it gold under our land, China has none, a big disadvantage for China.”

Trump went on to complain about the focus on environmental issues but also claimed that he was an environmentalist. He also stated that there was no longer enough conversation about how to make the country great.

He said: “They are taking it away, all I see today is about the environment. “I am a big environmentalist, believe it or not, clean air and clean water, they want to destroy our country.

“You don’t see about making our country great anymore, you don’t see about factories opening anymore. “All you see and all you hear is about the environment.”

Trump then went on to say that Russia, China, and India are not doing enough to mitigate the effects of climate change. At the COP26 summit in Glasgow, Scotland, over 100 countries committed to dramatically reducing their methane emissions.

However, China, Russia, and India, the top three leaders, refused to sign and agree to this.

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