Donald Trump Mistakenly Uses Wrong Acronym for New York Fire Department in Social Media Post

 Donald Trump Mistakenly Uses Wrong Acronym for New York Fire Department in Social Media Post

Credit: Alex Brandon/AP, FILE

Donald Trump, a lifelong New Yorker known for his significant real estate developments throughout the city, recently made a small but noticeable error in a social media post. Trump, who often boasts of his contributions to the New York skyline, mistakenly referred to the city’s Fire Department using the wrong acronym, “NYFD,” instead of the correct “FDNY.” This slip occurred after he visited a Midtown Manhattan firehouse to deliver pizza to the firefighters, reported Daily Beast.

The visit to Engine 8 Ladder 2 came on the heels of a court session where Trump was dealing with his ongoing criminal hush money case. Post-court, he decided to make a gesture of goodwill by delivering several stacks of pizzas to the firefighters, who received him with applause.

This act was meant to show appreciation and support for the fire department, an institution highly respected in New York for its bravery and service. However, the initial post on Truth Social, Trump’s preferred social media platform, incorrectly used “NYFD” in his acknowledgment. Given Trump’s deep ties and long history with New York City, the error was quickly noticed and attracted attention.

Recognizing the mistake, the post was promptly deleted, and new posts with the correct “FDNY” acronym were uploaded in its place. The Fire Department of New York, commonly referred to by its acronym FDNY, is an integral part of the city’s emergency response system and holds a special place in the hearts of New Yorkers, particularly following its heroic efforts during events like 9/11. Trump’s mix-up, therefore, stood out as a surprising oversight from someone so embedded in the fabric of New York City, Via the New York Post.

In response to the event, the FDNY issued a statement expressing gratitude for support from any individual, regardless of their political background. “We appreciate whoever supports our members at the FDNY, no matter their political affiliation,” the statement read, emphasizing the department’s nonpartisan appreciation of support.

“We’re going to come in. Number one, you have to stop crime, and we’re going to let the police do their job. They have to be given back their authority. They have to be able to do their job,” Trump said. “And we’re going to come into New York. We’re making a big play for New York, and other cities too. But this city, I love this city.”

NYFD isn’t a thing, Mr. Trump,” @ArtCandy explained on Twitter/X. “It’s FDNY.” “I built NYC and I can’t even spell it,” mocked Marie Blanchard. Former federal and state prosecutor Ron Filipkowski tweeted on Thursday: “Trump has deleted all his posts on Truth Social where he incorrectly referred to FDNY as NYFD.”

“FDNY, FNYD, NYFD, FYND, whatever… he only went there because his pants are on fire,” writes TV broadcaster Keith Olbermann. And Jason Ciani suggested it wasn’t Trump who blew it, but his digital sidekick Dan Scavinoposting: “Scavino f—ed up!”

This incident illustrates the complexities of public figures engaging with local communities and the scrutiny they face even in seemingly straightforward interactions like supporting local firefighters. It also highlights the importance of attention to detail in public communications, particularly for figures like Trump, whose every word and action is closely watched. The quick correction of the error and the subsequent proper acknowledgment of the FDNY in replacement posts suggest an awareness of the importance of maintaining accurate and respectful communication, especially when it involves highly respected public services.

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