Donald Trump and Melania Show Signs of Tension as She Appears to Sidestep Hand-Holding

 Donald Trump and Melania Show Signs of Tension as She Appears to Sidestep Hand-Holding


At a high-profile fundraising event, Melania Trump seemed to subtly sidestep a hand-holding gesture from her husband, former President Donald Trump, sparking speculation about the couple’s dynamics during their public appearances. The event, a lavish $250,000-per-person gala, was hosted by hedge fund magnate John Paulson and his fiancée Alina de Almeida at their opulent Palm Beach residence in Florida.

This gathering of affluent guests and political figures was a strategic move aimed at bolstering Trump’s financial standing in the political arena, especially in comparison to the robust fundraising efforts of President Joe Biden’s campaign, which recently announced a staggering $90 million haul in March.

Body language expert Judi James provided her insights on the Trumps’ behavior during the event, drawing a stark contrast between Melania’s polished and reserved demeanor and Donald Trump’s more assertive presence. James likened Melania to a “well-groomed” entity, carefully presenting herself with elegance and poise, whereas she described Donald Trump with the metaphor of “knotweed,” suggesting a more aggressive and pervasive nature, akin to the resilient weed commonly found encroaching upon roadways and disturbed lands.

Judi James told The Mirror: “If Melania were a plant she’d be Topiary: well-groomed, well-manicured and with not one move, expression or hair out of place. Her husband though would be more like Knotweed: dominant, dishevelled, and hard to budge once it’s taken root.”

The expert saw a contrast in the duo’s body language that, she said, created “awkward-looking moments” as “it always has.” She added: “Trump likes to play it by ear and he seems to value the odd PDA with his wife while Melania will happily stick to a more studied elegance, even swatting Trump’s proffered hand away in the past.”

James also spoke on Donald Trump’s invitation to hold Melania’s hand, to which Melania appeared to respond with a slight delay. The expert said: “[Melania] smiles and poses in a very FLOTUS manner here with their guests while Trump leans across, apparently sharing what looks like a joke.”

She added: “On arrival, Melania’s expression is looking rather fierce, and as Donald holds his hand out to clasp hers in an emphatic ‘announcement’ gesture, Melania’s hand appears to be coming out of her pocket in a delayed response suggesting she was either not expecting the hand-hold that ensued or maybe preferring to avoid it.”

The gala was more than just a social gathering; it was a strategic campaign effort, with the Trump team aiming to narrow the financial chasm between their campaign coffers and those of Biden. To achieve this, Trump extended invitations to a host of influential figures and potential allies. Among the notable attendees were South Carolina Senator Tim Scott and North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, both of whom are considered to be on Trump’s shortlist for a potential vice-presidential candidacy in the upcoming election.

The guest list was a who’s who of political heavyweights and financial powerhouses, including billionaire hedge fund owner Robert Mercer and his politically active daughter Rebekah Mercer, casino magnate Steve Wynn and his wife Andrea, oil industry titan Harold Hamm, Howard Lutnick, the CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald, and John Catsimatidis, the CEO of a major grocery store chain.

The Daily Mail reported that these influential figures, among others, gathered at the Palm Beach event, highlighting the Trump campaign’s efforts to galvanize support and secure substantial financial backing from some of the most affluent and influential circles in American politics and business.

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