Liberals’ Strong Reaction to Trump May Impact Biden’s 2024 Chances

 Liberals’ Strong Reaction to Trump May Impact Biden’s 2024 Chances

Source: ABC News

The intensity with which liberals respond to Donald Trump might be one of the few factors working in Joe Biden’s favor for 2024. While Biden, as an incumbent, will likely have a robust fundraising advantage, there are concerns about voter enthusiasm and the potential impact of a third-party candidate drawing votes away, particularly in suburban regions.

Given the time remaining before the 2024 election, there’s ample opportunity for speculation and concern. Many analysts see Biden as potentially one of the more vulnerable incumbents aiming for re-election.

Comparisons with Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012 might not be apt. Despite Obama’s initial low approval ratings, he had certain political adeptness that Biden seemed to lack. Moreover, the challenges Biden faces in terms of age and cognitive prowess might further affect his approval ratings. Yet, it’s worth noting that voter decisions can be unpredictable, as evidenced by Pennsylvania’s election of a health-challenged senator over a candidate closely aligned with Trump.

The upcoming election could be fiercely contentious, characterized by deep divisions and animosities. Such a climate might discourage some from voting, but it’s a reflection of politics in its raw form. In the meantime, Democrats are expressing concern over Biden’s dwindling approval ratings. (via The Hill): 

Senate Democrats say President Biden’s moribund poll numbers are “concerning” and “frustrating,” but they are doubtful any messaging shift by the White House will change how voters view him before the 2024 election.   

They acknowledge the 80-year-old president’s biggest problem is his age, which negatively influences how many voters view his presidency and contributes to a lack of enthusiasm for his 2024 reelection campaign.    

One Democratic senator who requested anonymity said voters at home expressed deep apathy about Biden’s prospective reelection during constituent meetings over the August recess.    

The senator said the polling data “reflect all the miscellaneous encounters I’m having all the time.” 

“There’s just no enthusiasm,” the senator said. “It does pretty much come down to ‘Well, he’s done a pretty good job, but he’s just too old.’”

Some Democrats are expressing frustration with the White House’s economic messaging because an effort to tout the results of “Bidenomics” shows little sign of succeeding. 

“There’s work to be done, stronger messaging, more aggressive campaigning but we’re still very, very early,” said Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) of Biden’s weak poll numbers.   

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