Report: Trump May Face Indictment in Capitol Riot Case as Soon as Tuesday

 Report: Trump May Face Indictment in Capitol Riot Case as Soon as Tuesday

(AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell, File)

There are speculations that former US President Donald Trump could possibly face an indictment as part of the special counsel investigation into the US Capitol riot as early as Tuesday. Media reports suggest that the indictment could be issued at 1:00 p.m. EST (5:00 p.m. GMT) when the grand jury for the case usually convenes and the magistrate judge generally hears cases.

Earlier this month, Trump said he was informed by special counsel Jack Smith that he was a target of the January 6 investigation. Trump was also told to report to the grand jury, which the former president claimed is a sign of impending indictment.

This legal development is unfolding amidst Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign, where he is currently the front-runner among Republican candidates. The potential indictment would stand apart from the two prior charges filed against Trump in April and June of this year, as it would coincide with Trump’s planned campaign events over the next few weeks. If the indictment is issued on Tuesday, it would coincide with a fundraising event that Trump is scheduled to attend in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Various Republican figures, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, have voiced their opposition to a potential Trump indictment. Conversely, Democratic US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer insists that the indictment proceedings should proceed free of political influence.

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