Trump Lawyer Outraged by FBI Search ‘They Entered Barron’s Peloton Room!’

 Trump Lawyer Outraged by FBI Search ‘They Entered Barron’s Peloton Room!’


Donald Trump’s attorney expressed outrage on Tuesday that federal agents would dare enter the room where the former president’s youngest son, Barron, keeps his Peloton — spectators were less sympathetic.

MSNBC anchor Katie Phang highlighted the incident as an “are-you-kidding-me moment” during Trump’s Florida federal court hearing on his classified documents case. Phang took to X to share her astonishment, reporting on Trump attorney Emil Bove’s complaint to Judge Aileen Cannon about the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. Special counsel Jack Smith alleges that the former president stored national secrets in various locations, including his ballroom, bathroom, and shower.

“Emil Bove, lawyer for Trump, indignantly exclaims to Judge Cannon that while executing the search warrant on Mar-a-Lago, FBI agents searched the room where Barron Trump’s Peloton is located,” Phang wrote.

Pelotons, the pricy stationary bikes, retail up to $2,495 (the price of a Peloton+) and require an annual $500 payment for live-streamed and on-demand classes, according to a recent Wirecutter review. Phang’s report on Barron Trump’s stationary bike rights was met with shock and much laughter.

“He has a whole room for his Peloton?” asked Rose Benson. “Or the Peloton was located inside it? Either one is ridiculous to offer as a legal argument but both seem possible.”

Other readers referenced newly revealed photos that show Trump stored official documents alongside MAGA mementos and crates of Diet Coke. “Everyone’s Peloton room is sacred!” declared Nat Finn. “Did they check the PS5 room and the Mountain Dew room, too?”

“That bike deserved its privacy,” argued X user A to Z. “I’d be more surprised to hear Trump had a library…or in his case, a library,” noted Bernard Silverman.

“He’s setting it up for the House to pass a Peloton exception for search warrants,” quipped Ronnie Batkin Hudson. “I’m sure they can get it passed quickly . . . No searches in rooms that contain Pelotons.”

The humorous responses underscored the perceived absurdity of using Barron’s Peloton room as a point of legal contention in the ongoing investigation. As the case continues, the debate over the FBI’s search methods and the locations scrutinized adds another layer of intrigue to the high-profile proceedings surrounding Trump’s handling of classified documents.

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