Trump Lashes Out at Biden for ‘Monumental Corruption’

 Trump Lashes Out at Biden for ‘Monumental Corruption’

Source: CNN

Once more, ex-President Donald Trump has openly criticized President Joe Biden’s administration, alleging corrupt practices. Speaking at a rally in Erie, Pennsylvania on Saturday, Trump promised to “appoint a real special prosecutor to expose the massive corruption of the Biden family,” should he win the upcoming election.

Trump asserted that the Biden family has gained financially from Ukraine, and presently, Biden’s administration is directing billions of American taxpayers’ money toward the country. Trump also lauded his administration for the peaceful status in Ukraine and Taiwan during his tenure, contrasting it with Biden’s term where he claims China is constructing military bases in Cuba.

The former President highlighted that under his leadership, “we had Iran, China, Russia, and North Korea under control,” whereas now, he claims “Russia and China are joining forces to divide the world.” Trump alleged that Biden’s call for his arrest stems from his successful electoral campaign, underscoring the 2024 Presidential elections as the sole opportunity to “save” America.

If elected, Trump said he would put America first, end inflation, "get total independence from China," and stop the conflict in Ukraine by getting Russian President Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky to start negotiations.

“We require fair elections and secure borders,” Trump declared. He called for the exclusion of globalists from the US political sphere to restore America’s power, prosperity, strength, pride, and safety.

On the preceding Friday, Trump stated that any potential legal sentencing would not hinder his presidential campaign. Recently, the US media has reported that Trump’s lawyers have been forewarned of a possible indictment against him for his alleged involvement in efforts to overturn the 2020 US Presidential election.

This supposed indictment is part of several ongoing investigations into Trump’s potential misconduct, including handling of classified documents, amid the 2024 Presidential race where he has emerged as a prominent candidate for the Republican Party.

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