The feds timing reeks of bias for Hunter Biden’s case

 The feds timing reeks of bias for Hunter Biden’s case

Photo Courtesy: Bloomberg

It seems that the adage “actions speak louder than words” rings true for President Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ), which, despite pronouncements of autonomy, appears to display actions to the contrary.

This past week, the DOJ was found to be orchestrating a covert deal to provide President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, with comprehensive immunity for any offenses committed while capitalizing on his father’s name overseas.

Merely penalizing him for tax evasion and firearm infringements was deemed insufficient. Instead, the objective was to shield him entirely from any foreign-asset violations or other potential discoveries by House investigators. This undermines the DOJ’s recurring claim to politicians and the media that “the investigation is still ongoing”.

Additionally, as Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s international business associate, prepares to testify before Congress, the DOJ has sought a date for his imprisonment. While Archer’s appeal is in progress, the DOJ’s impetus for this move is questionable unless the aim is to deter Archer from divulging any details about Hunter Biden’s ventures and any potential involvement of President Biden, told NY Post.

Despite Attorney General Merrick Garland’s insistence on non-interference in the investigation and President Biden’s assertion of the DOJ’s total independence, the timing of recent announcements by prosecutors, the refusal to disclose FBI files to sitting Congress members or the public, and the preferential treatment extended to the first son paints a different picture.

Previously, we have called for a special prosecutor to examine the case of Hunter Biden; Garland’s reluctance to appoint one belies his assurances of transparency. Therefore, it seems prudent to pay less heed to their assurances and more to their actions, which are far more revealing.

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