The Inspiring Reason Behind Donald Trump Jr.’s Choice to Quit Alcohol

 The Inspiring Reason Behind Donald Trump Jr.’s Choice to Quit Alcohol


The Trump family, always in the spotlight for their political bravado and social media prowess, have a lesser-known, deeply personal story that binds them together. Donald J. Trump and his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., share more than just a name and a flair for the political limelight.

In his revealing 2019 book, “Triggered,” Donald Trump Jr. opens up about a significant personal choice that mirrors that of his father – a lifelong abstinence from alcohol, told the Washington Post.

Described by former White House and campaign staffer Cliff Sims as dynamic and unyielding, both on Twitter and in the political realm, the Trumps’ similarities go beyond their public personas. In “Triggered,” Don Jr. talks about his decision to completely avoid alcohol, a choice rooted in the family’s history and his own personal experiences.

Despite indulging in alcohol during his college days, Donald Trump Jr. realized his inability to drink in moderation. This realization struck him profoundly after his stint as a bartender in Aspen, leading him to decide that his all-or-nothing personality, while beneficial in business, was hazardous when coupled with vices like drinking.

This familial trait of abstaining from alcohol isn’t just a personal choice but is also intertwined with the tragic story of Donald Trump Jr.’s uncle, Frederick Trump Jr., who died at the age of 42 due to complications from alcoholism. This loss had a profound impact on both Donald J. Trump and his son, reported People.

The senior Trump, known for his commanding presence, has spoken candidly about his brother’s battle with alcoholism, using it as a cautionary tale to influence his and his son’s approach to alcohol.

Through these personal anecdotes, “Triggered” sheds light on the intimate struggles and decisions within the Trump family, revealing a side of them that is often overshadowed by their public and political image. It’s a story of family legacy, personal battles, and the unseen influences that shape the lives of one of America’s most prominent families.

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