Trump Jr. Claims Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty or ‘1000 Years’ Imprisonment for Trump

 Trump Jr. Claims Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty or ‘1000 Years’ Imprisonment for Trump


In a recent interview with Eric Bolling on Newsmax‘s The Balance, Donald Trump Jr. expressed strong disapproval of the legal actions against his father, former President Donald Trump. He hyperbolically claimed that prosecutors want to sentence his father to “a thousand years, and/or the death penalty.”

As per The Messenger, when Bolling questioned Trump Jr. about his role in his father’s New York civil fraud trial, he confirmed he would be testifying and criticized the ongoing proceedings as another “sham.”

It should be clarified that the death penalty is typically reserved for severe capital crimes, and Trump’s trial on civil fraud allegations does not involve such penalties. Moreover, Trump isn’t facing the death penalty in any of the 91 charges across D.C., Florida, and Georgia.

While Trump denies any misrepresentation of his company’s financial value, his ex-lawyer, Michael Cohen, alleges otherwise. Cohen claims that Trump directed him to overstate the company’s value, an accusation Trump quickly labeled as false testimony.

Trump Jr. used the platform to voice concerns over perceived bias in the trial. He labeled it a “kangaroo court,” suggesting traditional rules and standards weren’t being upheld.

This week, Trump’s children, including Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump, are scheduled to testify. Trump Jr. will be the first, followed by his siblings.

Both Trump and his offspring have consistently criticized New York Attorney General Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engoron, framing the trial as a political ploy by the Biden administration.

Trump Jr. expressed his concerns about a perceived bias, indicating that inquiries related to the Biden family’s finances remain unexplored while adding, “This is why we fight.” The ongoing trial continues to draw significant attention, with many awaiting its unfolding events.

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