Trump Hit With First Ad Using His Mugshot Against Him

 Trump Hit With First Ad Using His Mugshot Against Him

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Fox News and the Trump campaign argue that Trump’s mugshot is in his favor. However, a new super PAC advertisement in New Hampshire presents a contrasting perspective.

In a typical presidential primary, a frontrunner’s mugshot would likely be a significant talking point and would be broadcast repeatedly in early-voting states. However, it took almost a week for this mugshot to emerge, and it was via a super PAC that backs Chris Christie in New Hampshire.

If Trump secures the Republican nomination, he might face tougher scrutiny. The Democrats, along with their supporters, are expected to leverage the mugshot and any related convictions against Trump in the 2024 elections.

While Chris Christie is the first to employ Trump’s mugshot in his campaign, he likely won’t be the last.

NBC News reported:

According to the ad tracking firm AdImpact, the super PAC ad is the first broadcast TV ad to show an image of Trump’s mug shot so far in the presidential race.

“Tired of the drama, the distractions, the lies? It’s time for conservatives to win again,” a narrator says as the camera zooms in on the image.

Here is the ad from the Chris Christie backing Tell It Like It Is PAC:

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