“I don’t think they’ll have a choice” Trump Goes Off-Topic During Debate Discussion on Hugh Hewitt Show

 “I don’t think they’ll have a choice” Trump Goes Off-Topic During Debate Discussion on Hugh Hewitt Show

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During a discussion on the Hugh Hewitt Show about upcoming debates with President Joe Biden, conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt had to interrupt Donald Trump’s rambling comments about water.

The former president accepted Biden’s challenge to debate in June and September, ahead of early voting. However, Trump and Hewitt speculated that the Democratic Party might replace Biden with Vice President Kamala Harris or California Governor Gavin Newsom due to Biden’s alleged health issues.

Trump then veered off-topic, launching into a rant about an executive order he signed in 2020. This order allowed large amounts of water to be diverted from the San Francisco Bay-Delta to irrigate farmland in the Central Valley, which posed a threat to the populations of chinook salmon and delta smelt.

“I don’t think they’ll have a choice,” Trump said, adding that he wasn’t sure who the Democratic Party would choose. “I mean, Gavin’s a terrible governor, Gavin Newscum, he’s a terrible governor. I think he does a terrible job. I have things out in California, and you know, it’s so beautiful everything.” “All right,” Hewitt said, “I’ve got your statement: ‘I’m ready to go. The dates that are proposed are fine. Anywhere, anytime, anyplace.'”

Trump told Hewitt, “The weather is the best. Everything is so good, but he just does a terrible job. You know, water, I had a deal for water to come down from the north. They have so much water, and they don’t do it, because they’re trying to protect a tiny, tiny little fish that hasn’t made it, and millions and millions of gallons of water are sent into the Pacific Ocean, routed right into the Pacific instead of coming down throughout California.”

At this point, Hewitt intervened to steer Trump back on track by reading his statement accepting the debate challenge. The former president’s diversion into environmental policy highlights his tendency to drift off-topic during discussions, particularly when addressing policies from his administration.

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